4 month 28 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*05:19JST 4 month 28 days of the NY foreign exchange summary
28 days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen 106 yen 59 sen or in the fall after the 106 yen 97 sen has risen by over for.

The United States 4 March Consumer Confidence Index and 4 February Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index is significantly depressed US bond yields decline, accompanied by sales made. The fate of the next tranche of a stock market rally to take to the circle for sale supported.

Euro・dollar is 1. 0888 from $ 1. 0825 dollar decline will continue for. From the highs, the European Central Bank [ECB] additional monetary easing measures to incorporate the Euro, and it was.

The Euro・yen 116 yen 12 yen per share to ¥ 115 71 Qian fell.

Pound・dollar is 1. 2518 from $ 1. 2421 the dollar fell.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9721 franc fall after 0.9755 French rose.

【Economic】・rice・3 months wholesale inventory:month-to-month‐1.0% [forecast:-0.4%, 2 months‐0.6←-0.7%]・rice・3 months ago passed the goods trade balance:‐642 billion USD[expected:−550 million dollar,2 month‐599 billion USD]・US・2 on the S&P Core Logic CS20 cities housing price index:year-on-year+3.47%[expected:+3.19%, 1 month:+3.12%←+3.08%]・US・4 March Consumer Confidence Index:86.9[expected:87.0,3 months: 118.8←120] ・Rice・4 July Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index:-53[expected‐41,3 on 2]《KY》

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