4 month 29 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*04:50JST 4 month 29 days of the NY foreign exchange summary
29 The New York foreign exchange market dollar・yen 106 yen 47 sen from 106 yen 77 sen has risen by over for.

Rice 1-3 year on year GDP figures minus the growth to fall in recessions is suggested of what was expected, there were cases of new viruses for therapeutic clinical trials success is the coverage of the economic recovery expected strong buy USD・sell JPY and dominant was. Then, the US Federal Reserve Board (the FED)is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)is the policy rate unchanged for the time being to maintain a zero rate policy for the medium term risk to mention for selling dollars versus the upper limit inhibited.

Euro・dollar is 1. 0840 from $ 1. 0886 in rose keep.

The Euro・yen 115 yen 45 sen from 116 yen 08 per share will rise.

Pound・dollar is 1. 2389 from $ 1. 2468 the dollar rose.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9714 francs from 0. 9768 French rose.

【Economic】・rice・1-3 month period GDP preliminary figures:YoY-year rate of 4.8% (forecast:-4.0%, 10-12 year on year:+2.1%)・rice・1-3 month period personal consumption preliminary estimates:year-year rate of 7.6% (forecast:-3.6%, 10-12 year on year:+1.8%)・rice・3 month existing home sales contract index:month-to-month‐20.8%(expected:-13.6%, 2 on:+2.3%←+2.4%)・Germany・4 September consumer price index preliminary results:year-on-year+0.8% (forecast:+0.7%,3 month:+1.4%) 【monetary policy】・the Federal Open Market Committee(FOMC) ・The policy rate(target Federal funds rate)to 0. 00-0. 25%to a deferred decision


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