4 months to come to Japan to support rugby! │ What car did you ride?

A couple drove back to England to support the Rugby World Cup. Mark Fawell and his wife Sue. I got on the 1997 Land Rover Defender, but the ambulance stretch was originally used in military. It seems that he bought it three years ago and converted it to a camper.

From their house to the brother of Simon, who lives in Japan, he ran 27,835 km from door to door. 80% of them were sleeping in campers and others used small guesthouses. I left London on May 1 and arrived in Japan on September 1. It took just 4 months.

When asked if there was a problem, “No, there wasn't much. Punk, clutch and brake failure.” In detail, two tires are punctured simultaneously in Russia. On the top of a high mountain in Sajikistan, the clutch pedal becomes pebbled. Checking it will empty the oil in the master cylinder.

He couldn't help but ran up to 300 km ahead of the town for 5 days with no clutch. What was even more exciting was that it was shaken on rough roads and the two brake pad pins came off, making it impossible to brake at all. It seems that he stopped his car and walked about 5 km to find a brake pad and repair it himself. Full of great things! It is.

Why do you like rugby so much that you wanted to come to Japan by car until you had such a hard time? I asked. Mark says: “Thirty-five years ago I was walking in Africa, where I met someone who ran through Land Rover from London to Cape Town, and I was impressed when I heard that wonderful experience.”

Mark is currently semi-retired and his wife is completely retired. It seems that he has decided to leave because he can only enjoy it now. Furthermore, Mark is volunteering for the Rugby World Cup in England four years ago. This is a very good experience. My wife asked me where the next venue was, so I found out that it was Japan. “This only has to go! You think so too?” Mark says in earnest. Is that so?

The door is full of memories taken at various places.
This defender is packed with ingenuity. The rear left door has a sink, and the right side has been modified into a cooking space where a cutting board can be installed. Propane gas under the bed. Solar panels are installed on the roof, generating 40V power. On a sunny day, you can easily get as much power as a refrigerator, so you rarely use a spare battery.

And the top technology is a black jelly can on the roof. There is a small compressor on the side that says you can take a warm shower. Even when sleeping with the door open, the canvas curtain looks like a mosquito net and it feels great. There is an air duct even on rainy days so you can cook indoors. The engine is a diesel-spec 1997 model 300Cdi and the fuel consumption is 8.3km / kg. He says “I have nothing to do with problems with electrical systems and computers!”

The living space seems to be really comfortable. Of course, there is also a gas stove.
When asked if this car will return to England again, it is difficult to drive through winter Russia. On the return trip, the car rides from Yokohama to Southampton, and the couple changes the express train and slowly returns to London.
Defender with England, Scotland and Ireland symbols on the body. From their words, “It feels really good if you drink tea outside in the morning,” a really rich life scene has been introduced.

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