4 on Department,SC sales and the substantial decrease in Department stores this Bound is 98. 5% reduction

4 on of the Department stores and shopping center sales trends are announced, sales of restraint in neither significantly depressed it. However the shopping center is 5 months into recovery tend to a new.

【Here】Apparel 4 on sales,the workpiece and of the ions plus 21 companies minus the Teikoku Databank survey

■Department store is the largest ever fall in

22, the Department Stores Association of 4 March nationwide Department store sales Tokyo announced. 4 March nationwide Department store sales increased less than 72. 8%, a decrease of 1,208 9 billion,398 million 6,000 yen, and the 7 consecutive month in the negative, and in 1965 on January 1 of the statistics since the start of the maximum minus the width was.

The new corona virus is the more sales and self-restraint are expanded in the entry, and the number of customers is 8% weak negative, or tourists, in the reduction of inbound customer number is 99. 5% decrease,net sales 98. 5% reduction was.

■Fukuoka in the same month last year, compared with 85% in

City, by the city other than the district in all city and district in the minus, and the city in another Osaka[compared to the same period the previous year 78. 9 percent, the same below], Fukuoka[85.8 percent], the region is Kanto[69.3 percent], and Shikoku[67.1 percent] minus the width was greater. In the cities of Sapporo [69.8%decrease] and Sendai[62.1% decrease], in the district of Hokkaido[46.3 percent], northeast[47.5 percent] is relatively minus the width was small.

Product all the products in the minus, and particularly clothing[82.7%], on around products [82.8 percent] in the minus width is large. On the other hand selling open, with household goods [59.6 percent], groceries[53.0% decrease] in the minus width is relatively small.

■Tenant has the largest fall in

On the same day, the Japan shopping center Association 4 on SC sales statistics report announced. 4 months of same-store sales increased less than 68. 8%, a decrease of 1,651 3 billion,801 million, 5,000 yen, and the 7 consecutive months was negative. This tenant is the same 76. 2 percent to 1,017 2 billion,475 million 4,000 yen, the key tenant is the 37. 2%, a decrease of 634 billion 1,326 million 1,000 yen, and also 7 consecutive months in the minus.

The new corona virus is the more sales and self-restraint is a sales slump caused, in the peripheral region of the key tenants in the food super, such as sales to continue this fall were limited on the other hand, closed a long period of time and the tenant is the largest fall was. However feet in 5 month by to reopen shopping center have come from the”favorable sales trends is seen that”.

■Chiba, Osaka, Fukuoka is 8% greater minus

Metropolitan, or other regional Department stores as well as all negative. Especially in large cities in Chiba City[compared to the same period the previous year:80.7%, the same below], Osaka[83.1%] and Fukuoka city[85.9%] and other regions in Hokkaido[72.5 percent], Kanto[68.9 percent] in minus width is large. Opposition to Kyoto[42.2% decrease], Hiroshima[56.3 percent], northeast[52.6%] and China [56.5 percent], and Shikoku[53.3 percent] in the minus width is relatively small. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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