4 reasons why the rich never buy a "lottery ticket"

Is a lottery the same as giving money to others?
High-income acquaintances around me in my early 30s and mid 40s don't buy lottery tickets at all. I'm not interested and I don't get up to the topic. Some people even look at the lottery counter and say, "I'm stupid. What else can I do?"

I guessed the reason based on their behavior.

◆ Reason for not buying lottery 1: Since the chance of winning is low, money is wasted
Jumbo lottery winning probability is 1 / 10,000,000. “If the Tokyo Dome has a capacity of 45,000 people, it is the same probability that one person will be selected from among those who are crowded with about 222 Tokyo Domes.”

This is distracting. It is lower than the probability of encountering a traffic accident.

It is said that "You won't win unless you buy it in the first place", but if you don't win, you will have to pay 3000 yen to buy a 300 yen item [in the case of jumbo], so it seems to be a little ridiculous is.

◆ Reason 2 for not buying lottery tickets: The system is sure to make money, so it ’s not worth it.
The return rate of lottery is about 47%, which is very low compared to other gambling, and it can be said that the person who bought it is a system that is hard to earn. Compared to this, the FX reduction rate, which is also said to be highly gambling, is about 99%, which is very healthy.

Regardless of how you use it, there is no reasonable reason to buy a product that is so disadvantageous to the buyer. So, where the proceeds go, the local government is basically structured to get wet.

Of course, the local government spends money for the local community, so it seems to be a donation for people who want to contribute to society. In addition, money will drop to the Japan Lottery Association, which is said to be a special corporation, the Autonomous Center, and the Lottery Secretariat, but there is also the possibility of being a fallen corporation.

If that is the case, buying a lottery will not help others' salary and retirement benefits.

◆ Reason 3 for not buying lottery tickets: Waste of time
Throwing time is the act of throwing a part of your life there, and it can be said to be an investment. So, what is the investment significance when you consider the time to check the lottery release, the time to buy, the time to line up, and the time to choose numbers in lotteries and numbers?

Perhaps the wealthy [the retired active wealthy, not the active wealthy], feels that it is a waste to spend time on something that they cannot control. If you have the time to do such a thing, you'd better think of a business that can return as much as you do.

◆ Reason 4 for not buying a lottery: I don't have a dream of becoming rich with a lottery
The act of buying a lottery ticket is sometimes said to be "It's like a game because it buys a dream. It doesn't matter what the winning probability is." However, this gives me the impression of a typical person who cannot make money that there is no other way to dream.

A dream should come true with its own efforts and talents, and should not be an act of waiting for a pot from a shelf. It is more like a “dream” or “delusion” than a dream.

Perhaps the potential escape and passive ideas of "self-esteem that is not usually met", "unsatisfied unsatisfactory", "the effort of opening up with one's own power is troublesome", and "it is troublesome to think concretely about how to make money" Maybe you want to have fun and want to have a dream.

If that is the case, it is a trap that the wealthy are not interested in the lottery.

They are instinctively aware that their actions will create the future, so if you have the time to dream of becoming rich, you need to take specific actions to become rich. It's not about lottery that leaves you to the heavens, but to seize your wisdom, effort, and action, such as work, entrepreneurship, and investment. "

Of course, no matter who buys it, it is up to you, so you don't want to interfere with someone else's shopping or money usage.

So, this column doesn't discuss the pros and cons of buying a lottery, but it's an introduction as an example of “what you believe in your daily consumption behavior”.

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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