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4 seconds to set! Camera back “ Quicky '' with both functionality and storage-Engadget Japan

Masami.IndstryIf the camera back is a special one, it is specialized only to put in the camera, so it is difficult to use normally. However, with a general bag, it's difficult to insert and remove the camera. Suguremono that satisfies such "function as a camera bag" and "ease of everyday use" is the camera bag "Quicky" that is currently seeking support from GREEN FUNDING.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING

"Quicky" is characterized by combining the following three elements: "Easy to take out the camera," "Easy to use everyday" and "Stylish".


First of all, "Ease of taking out the camera". Fasteners in the main opening are attached on three sides from the right bottom to the left bottom of the bag and can be opened wide. Just like a general camera bag, you can easily take out the camera and lens inside without getting caught in the opening. In addition, the double zipper that makes it easy to take out your luggage and opens and closes is easy to open and close with your right or left hand, so you can quickly take it out and set it up even when you suddenly need a camera.


"Quicky" has a compact size of 20cm x 11cm x 36cm, but has a maximum storage capacity of 8L. There is also a zipper bag inside, and you can store all the necessary luggage such as wallet and notebook in this one bag.


There is also "Quicky Plus", which has a higher storage capacity, and it can also store a 13-15 inch notebook PC. It seems to be useful in the business scene.


In addition to the main compartment, it also has multiple zipper pockets, a side buckle to which tripods and selfie sticks can be attached, and a side zipper bag to store PET bottles.


Many of the recent bags are equipped with a smartphone storage part, but this product uses an interesting method that "smartphone can be attached with a suction cup". There are 11 suction cups of different sizes on the belt part of the bag, and the back of the smartphone is adsorbed and fixed here.

In addition, since it also covers with a rubber band, it is said that it will not fall off or be stolen unless it is very bad. There is also a USB charging port on the outside of the bag. It's a perfect specification.


In addition to its high storage capacity and functionality, it is also attractive for its rugged design that has undergone trial and error based on market research. Many camera bags are "very good" products, but this product is a stylish design that is easy to use, so it is recommended for people who want to stick to their appearance.

The planned sales price for "Quicky" is 18,800 yen, and "Quicky Plus" is 19,800 yen. At GREEN FUNDING, you can purchase it at an early support price of 20% off at 15,040 yen (Quicky) and 15,840 yen (Quicky Plus).

The support period is until 23:59 on June 30, 2020. The early support price is limited in number, so please check early if you are interested.
Support this project with GREEN FUNDING

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