4th generation nicknamed "whale crown" | 71 Toyota Crown Super Deluxe Vol.1

On February 16, 1971, the Crown series received a full model change and evolved into the fourth generation. With a rounded design called the spindle shape, a distinctive design with an upper grill in front of the bonnet. It was later known as the "whale crown" and was popular.

Safe, comfortable, luxurious, high speed support etc. are the key to model change, and various new items have been added. Equipment such as auto lock, foot-operated radio search button, etc. like luxury cars is also substantial.

The highest grade super saloon has been added from the 4th generation, and the hard top is expanding the car series as well as the sedan. The number of electronic control units also increased, and even the auto drive was set as an option.

-Added the 2.6L series on April 26 of the same year. We have a complete lineup that covers large sizes. The 2.6L increased the number of models, and the crown exceeded 70 in total.
❖ A minor change was made on February 2, 1973, and the design around the front grill and tail lamp was changed. While implementing engine pollution safety measures, we have achieved power-up in tuning.

The characteristic 4th generation crown was remodeled to the 5th generation in October-November 1974. Then, the straight line is restored again and a new crown is born.

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The 4th generation crown adopts an advanced style spindle shape. Aimed at improving aerodynamic performance. It can be said that the design without the front and rear triangular windows has been determined.

A three-point seat belt was standard equipment. In Super Deluxe, the surface of the seat is made of breathable foam vinyl leather.

The plate MS70-KF means 4th gear for floor shift.

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