5 behaviors that make you poor

◆ Increasing money … 5 actions not liked by money
Those who can increase money have the power to attract money. And always ready to pull.

People who want money but don't think they are blessed are actually not ready to attract money. For example, people who take this action.

◇ 1. Can't accept human blessings
There are many people who are congratulated with “congratulations” and cannot simply say “thank you”. There are many reasons why you don't want to be blessed, you should have done more, or you don't want to be blessed.

◇ 2.
Some people say “Thank you” and thank you for saying “I ’m not grateful”. If you are not satisfied, you do not qualify for the warmth of a person.

◇ 3. Receive compliments
Some people think that “it ’s flattering anyway” even though they ’ve received positive reviews. Dodge, "The other person just lifts and lifts it, but doesn't get in that hand."

◇ 4. Refrain from gifts and trash
Some people are reluctant to resist gifts and meals from others. He said that it was his sincerity to refuse people ’s favors, saying, “If you do that, you will be in trouble.”

◇ 5.I care about my own boring things
There are people who are too worried about a little mistake in their appearance and behavior. Such a person cannot settle down unless they are always perfect in public. Nervous.

◆ Love yourself before you love money
Common to these behaviors is a psychological disorder. It's self-hate. I always hate myself with my heart. I always underestimate myself. I am desperate to be a worthless person.

I have decided that there is nothing to be given to me, whether it is money, goods or words. So I can't accept the feelings of others. You will not be able to receive favors unless you refrain from using it or make conditions.

I'm curious about my fashion, language, makeup, etc. Since they are reinforcements to make up for their low value, if they are deficient or fallen, their value will be scared.

These people lack love for themselves. It ’s just that I ’m convinced that the value is low.

Money does not come to people who lack love for themselves or who have strong self-hate. Rather, money will run away. I don't know the exact reason, but I learned so much from watching many people. Surely, this world is made so that only what I think deserves can be put into human hands.

◆ You can receive money because you have self-love
The opposite of self-hate is not conceit. The opposite of self-hate is self-love. Self-love is different from pampering yourself or being fond of yourself.

Self-love is also different from narcissism. Self-love is a love that accepts all of its existence while recognizing one's own reality with various faults, defects and distortions.

It means having the heart to be able to believe in yourself who has value in existence and in the future, and to be grateful that you are alive. Such a person can be grateful for everything given from outside. So, money and chances come one after another. Because there is love in your heart that you are a worthy person.

I can't give or accept what I refuse. This is another law of money.

Text = Kunihiro Kitagawa [Money Guide]
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