5-million smartphone with 100 million pixels, active mass meter, smart rice cooker, large-capacity battery … cheap models one after another-Xiaomi's first product for Japan

Xiaomi will finally enter the Japanese smartphone market. Xiaomi [Xiaomi], a leading Chinese manufacturer, announced on December 9 that a new product featuring a 108-pixel 5-eye camera in TokyoMi Note 10Was announced. The release date is December 16, the price is 52,800 yen [excluding tax, the same below]. At the presentation held in Tokyo, the business strategy was talked about.

  • Xiaomi will enter the Japanese market with "Mi Note 10" featuring a 108-pixel five-lens camera

  • In addition to smartphones, "Mi smart band", "Mi IH rice cooker", "Mi 18W quick charge power bank 3" and "Xiaomi suitcase" localized in the Japanese market were also announced

"Great products at a fair price"

This is the first company to enter the Japanese market. Xiaomi's Steven Wang, who gave the presentation, first introduced the company. Established only 9 years ago. The mission statement is “Innovation for Everyone” and it will appeal to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2019. And in the category of smartphones, it has already expanded to the top five in the world's 42 markets, reporting that it has become the fourth in the world in terms of shipments. Moreover, Xiaomi continues to be a smartphone-only company.

  • Steven Wang, General Manager for East Asia, Xiaomi

  • Admits the world's fourth largest smartphone brand after Samsung, Huawei and Apple

“In addition to smartphones, we have already handled over 2,000 life-related products / IoT products. Our business model that continues to invest in hardware startups has made this possible. The IoT“ Mi Home ”platform Currently, there are more than 200 million IoT devices connected, which is the largest in the world, "says Steven. Xiaomi advocates an Internet company, but this Mi Home seems to be one of the core of the business.

  • Offering products in various categories such as sports health, smart home appliances, and motorcycles

One thing that impressed me during the presentation was the word “great product at a fair price”. It's as if many of the products on the market aren't reasonably priced. And as the words proved, very inexpensive products were introduced one after another [details will be described later]. Why can we realize such a low price? ――― In response to such a question, “Since 2018, the net profit of Xiaomi's hardware business will never exceed 5%,” says Steven. “The quality of the product is of course the most important thing. If the quality is low, you will never be able to buy it again. Xiaomi offers quality at a reasonable price. You can get the product at a price that doesn't exist. "

  • Emphasizing "Great product at a fair price"

Japanese consumers also expect

Mr. Steven says that Japanese consumers have high expectations for Xiaomi. For example, Xiaomi Japan's Twitter official account is “Meet Japanese people sooner than plannedI am very happy. “We look forward to entering Xiaomi in Japan on December 9th !!” In just 8 days, we received over 6 million positive responses. Also, in November, when the concept smartphone “Mi MIX Alpha” was launched, it was broadcast live in English and Chinese, and it seems that Japan was in the top five in terms of the number of viewers. "I received a lot of comments."

  • Introducing the voices expected of Xiaomi from SNS etc.

  • Front, back, and sides are all displayed on the display “Mi MIX Alpha” [the photo was a reference exhibit at the venue]. The day when these models are released in Japan may not be so far away.

Mi Note 10 has over 100 million pixels!

The flagship Mi Note 10 is a 6.47-inch model with a 3D curved organic EL [AMOLED] display. What makes it unique is that it has a wide-angle camera with 108 million pixels. Of course, this is the first pixel in the world. By using other lenses, you can zoom from 0.6x to 50x. The movie also supports 960fps slow motion shooting and ultra-wide 4K shooting. AI beauty function is also available for in-camera. Hands-onReview of separate articlePlease refer to.

  • Summary of Mi Note 10 features

Mi Note 10 [6GB + 128GB] is priced at 52,800 yen and will be available on Amazon from December 16, 2019. Users who purchased Mi Note 10 on a channel certified by Xiaomi in Japan can use the exchange guarantee service of the Xiaomi authorized service center. In addition, “Mi Note 10 Pro” [6GB + 128GB] with large memory and storage is available for pre-order from December 9th at 64,800 yen. This release will start on December 23 [sales channel is Amazon].

Activity meter, smart rice cooker, large-capacity battery … cheap products one after another

In addition, the wearable terminal “Mi Smart Band 4” to be worn on the wrist is a model equipped with a 0.95-inch full-color AMOLED display. Logs sports activities, measures heart rate and sleep, informs smartphone notifications [phone, email, LINE, etc.] and supports music player operations. The price is as low as 3,490 yen. It will be released on Amazon on December 23rd.

  • “Mi Smart Band 4” with built-in functions. Up to 20 days of continuous use is possible with a single charge

  • "Mi IH rice cooker" with Wi-Fi that supports remote operation with the Mi Home app. 9,999 yen would be too cheap

“Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Suitcase 20 inch” is smart, durable and lightweight. The aircraft grade aluminum magnesium alloy shell and reinforced frame provide excellent resilience. The price is 17,900 yen and will be released by Amazon within the year. In addition, the 38-liter Xiaomi Suitcase Classic 20-inch is also on sale. The price is 7,990 yen.

  • Xiaomi suitcase is an elegant design, but still cheap

"Mi 18W Quick Charge Power Bank 3" is a product equipped with a powerful 10000mAh lithium polymer battery. It has dual inputs and dual outputs such as USB-A output port, 2-in-1 USB-C port, and micro USB input port. Also equipped with a low-current charging mode for charging low-current devices such as Bluetooth headsets and smart bands. The color is silver and black, and the price is 1,899 yen. It will be released later this year from Amazon.

  • Mi 18W quick charge power bank 3 realizes price of 1,899 yen while installing 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery

Where are you making money?

At the presentation, Steven responded to the questions and answers.

Regarding the reason for entering this period, “5G will be introduced next year. So, we decided that it was the right time. Providing products that match the value could make a big change in the Japanese market. I expect that, "says Steven.

To the question of where Xiaomi is making money, “Because it is an Internet company, it earns revenue from services. In addition, even if each product does not make a big profit, there is a scale advantage” did.

When asked if they plan to sell other IoT home appliances, “We will take time to provide various products to the Japanese market. Unlike other markets, there are special customizations in the Japanese market. Because it is necessary. "

To the question of what kind of user this new product is aimed at, “Mi Note 10 is a product for Japanese people to know the brand of Xiaomi. We will continue to bring out technology products. "

When asked about the career strategy and the plans for the development of real stores, “It is a [SIM-free] device that supports open markets, so it supports three carrier networks. There is nothing that can be announced today, ”he said.

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