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5 Minutes of Yesterday's News Summary: "Woz Takes $ 50 per Week" on February 7-Engadget Japan Version


The Japanese version of Engadget which publishes dozens of articles every day, but there are voices saying "Which is the focus after all" and "The important news will be buried" … That's why we will pick up and deliver the topics that attracted attention yesterday. If you keep this down, you'll never miss a topic! The news on February 7 was here.


One of Apple's co-founders, Steve Wozniak [nicknamed Woz], is a founder and is still known to be an active Apple employee.

It was an interesting topic among Apple fans for many years to talk about how much his wage would be. This time, a comment on this issue came out of his mouth. The amount, after deducting reserves and taxes, is said to be an unexpected figure of about $ 50 per week. Woz appeared on a podcast by former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki [mainly active in the late 90's] and talked about salary and money.[Continued]


Cyber ​​attack techniques against computers evolve with technology. Nowadays, there are several ways to steal data from PCs that are not connected to the network without physical connection. For example, a method called "Tempest", which uses electromagnetic waves leaked from monitors and the like, has become relatively popular these days.

Researchers at the Cyber ​​Security Labs of Israel have announced a new way to steal data without connecting to those devices. Data is transmitted using the fine contrast of the display, which cannot be perceived by humans.[Continued]


A startup called Cleatview AI is developing face recognition AI by collecting images published from millions of websites such as Facebook, YouTube, personal money transfer application Venmo, employment information sites, news sites, etc. That is controversial.[Continued]


Google Maps, the 15th year of this year in 2020, has undergone a major update on the smartphone version of the app [for Android / iOS] on the 7th. New designs and new features of the app will be added for each user sequentially from the 7th.[Continued]


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