5 month contract hourly rate,the new Corona Effect of the IT system, such as the center up, followed by

Job site to operate a business online and click the jobs 5 month contract hourly rate trend announced,the office is hourly wages were lowered, the new coronavirus, with the impact of the IT system or sales system, such as the hourly rate of the upward trend continues to found.

【Here】The new Corona,restaurant sales after the termination of year-over-year, 4 crack recovery 4 Months 2 crack POS data analysis

■New Corona measures in the IT system of recruitment will increase

17, the”request dispatch”of job sites operated by the engine is 5 Months 3 Metropolitan areas and temporary staff recruitment average hourly pay report announced. In 2020 on 5 degrees of the average hourly wage is 1,585 yen,decreased by 2 yen [0.1%]increase for 24 consecutive months plus was. Mom is 10 yen [0.6%]increase.

The hourly rate is increased as a factor,the new corona virus in response to the IT system of temporary staff recruiting opportunities will increase,especially experienced person to collect the wage hike as there was that.

However, the year is 2019, and 12 months of 3. From 3% to 5 consecutive months in decline, the next month to 19 year 6 month 1,583 yen for about 2 years, minus could.

■Sales-based and light work such as hourly wages is strong in the cities, Tokai only the doldrums

Occupation, the office Network System 1,551 yen in the same month last year, compared to 24 yen [1.5%], and decreased most,the experience is 1,875 yen 25 yen [1.3%]decrease technical is 1,831 yen, 50 yen [2.7%]decrease,medical and nursing care is 1,299 yen 5 yen [0.4%]decrease and in 4 of the occupation was negative.

On the other hand, Sales・Service System 1,505 yen 27 yen [1.8%]increase,IT system is 2,270 yen 5 yen [0.2%]increase, or light work or drivers for other is 1,251 yen 72 yen [6.1%] increase as well.

City to another in the Kanto area of 1,658 yen 9 yen [0.6%], an increase of Kansai Area 1,395 yen 25 yen [1.8%], an increase in the hourly rate is up, and the Tokai area of 1,346 yen 20 yen [1.5%]reduction and negative have.

■Sales・Sales・Service-based sales,all of the city plus

On the same day,”business dispatch”, such as managing a list jobs of 3 Metropolitan areas of staff recruitment, the average hourly wage survey announced. In 2020 on 5 degrees of the average hourly wage is 1,695 yen in the same period of the previous year compared to 59 yen [3.6%]increase in 2019, 6 month since 11 months and have. Mom is 88 yen [5.5%]increase.

Occupation can,only office work system of 1,511 yen compared to the same month the previous year to 20 yen[1.3%]decrease in Sales・Sales・Service System 1,502 yen 81 yen [5.7%], an increase of IT・technologies System 2,085 yen 31 yen [1.5%], an increase of the experience of 1,773 yen 23 yen [1.3%]increase, medical care, educational system is 1,482 yen 42 yen [2.9%increase] Have.

By city in the Kanto region, is 1,775 yen 74 yen [4.4%], an increase of Tokai area is 1,584 yen 108 yen [7.3%], an increase of the Kansai region is 1,521 yen the 48 yen [3.3%]increase, in any of the Metropolitan areas was also a plus. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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