5 months of co-op sales,the nest of the most consumption of the affected in Japan greatly increased

The new corona virus infection with the expansion of the government emergency was declared on 5 nationwide, 65 of the major community life of the cooperative sales [preliminary figures]there is a significant stretch for the 22, the Japan Consumers ‘ Cooperative Association of the aggregate is revealed. Store sales, home delivery and most of the products in the field of growth recorded in Japan, the co-op took the nest than consumption and the impact of watching.

【Here】Small hospitals, clinics, and 5 percent near the”clinic number is reduced by” management support you need

Japan Co-op Union of aggregated, according to the 5 months the total turnover of 2,538 billion 5,700 million yen,compared with the same month last year 18. 6%growth. The previous year over the Is this for 4 consecutive months and have. The breakdown of store sales 843 billion 100 million yen,delivery to 1,650 billion, a 9,000 million yen,kerosene and funerary such as store sales, home delivery in any of the classification can not be any other supply high 44 6 billion,500 million yen. Home delivery out of our distribution 1,195,4 billion 100 million yen.

Same month of the previous year’s sales compared to total sales is 18. 6%growth. Of these, the store sold 12. 7%, The Courier is 23. 0%, shipping out of our distribution 26. 4% of each showed growth. Other supply high is 10. 7%of the minus shows that. Store sales of products other than rice, all the courier goods in fresh food,processed food, non-food all of the previous year in the areas beyond the record.

The government’s emergency Declaration is issued or 4 months, the total turnover compared with the same month last year 15. 1%, with store sales 14. 9%, The Courier is 15. 9%, The Courier out of the pieces disposed of 18. 7%growth, and the nest of the most consumption of impact 5 on the same trend emerges.

The new corona of the spread of infection in the spring from going out of restraint and telework promotion, school closed, followed by home delivery and takeaway of the demand at once expanded. New courier started businesses and stores is also increasing, and this by The Courier we have a proven track record in Co-op swelled the demand to have won.

The co-op’s home delivery business in 2019 and 10 months following the increase in consumption tax rate,Use growth slowed last year, cracked in the fall Co-op from the new corona of infection expansion in the consumer to call back was dressed. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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