5 months of new car sales registered vehicles 4%, and light vehicles 5% or more decrease in recovery expectations

2020 Year 5 months domestic new car sales situation to look,some of the features to be observed.. First overview, but the passenger vehicles registered in the same month last year, compared with 41. 8%, a decrease of 12 million 3781 cars,trucks and buses including the 40. 2%to 14 million 7978 units have.

【Here】Toyota・RAV4 PHV announced the full-scale rough-road performance SUV with the EV traveling 95 km possible

Light car, a light four-wheel passenger car sales volume is the same 55. 9%decrease in 5 million 623 units. Freight vehicles, including light four-wheelers total sales in the 52. 7%decrease in 7 million 307 units. And 4 on more stringent that is, the half and have found it is much better to do. China lock down release from the recovery is strong and sales are 2% charge has begun to fall. Than I thought the recovery is quick and look.

Next, in Japan by brand experience, the Daihatsu has increased less than 2 percent of sales, they’re growing with. This is key to the success of by this will. Honda increased less than 6 percent did not meet. The Mazda is 5 percent in May. The Mitsubishi is 2 percent, 5 minutes and 1/4 reduced. The Nissan is 4 percent,the Subaru is 1/4 also did not meet. Toyota Lexus combined with 7 percent,Suzuki is 4 percent ended up in.

As a result,and Toyota is a strong, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and followed. Mitsubishi, Subaru 5 month the situation continues, sooner or later survive the crisis and, like the situation. Any distributor, or dealer has the financial security it needs as you would.

In modern times, the automobile manufacturers in overseas sales of large, only in Japan is the result of the conclusion can not be, the dealer has a crisis scene, greet the brand damaging as. Companies would move out if you are a guy.

The characteristic motions as small cars, lighter than the automobile’s decline is severe. However, this is the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit release date,Daihatsu・Rocky and Toyota’s release date is overlapping the same period of the previous year’s achievements and simply can not be compared just like. Small cars are selling for the release date, and lucky it was that caused that.

Also, sales volume and large number is not a Toyota・Alphard compared to the same month the previous year to 2 percent just above it. This is peculiar to numbers. Toyota for Alphard and Vellfire 4 of the sales channel intended for shifting the time and by the end of 2017 conducted by a minor at the time the Alpha is out and Social is in the doldrums, but the problem is my so. But in the background, and Toyota is a strong and affecting.

6 month well into the voluntary restraint will not come out in Japan, like China, do not, I hope the users of 4, 5 months and buyers have refrained from recoiling, by 6 months from the is gradually increased to exceed the recovery you can expect. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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