5 on 5 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*04:06JST 5 on 5 days of the NY foreign exchange summary
5 days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen 106 yen 74 sen from 106 yen 42 sen or fell over you.

Rice 4 months ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index in 11 years and the lowest level was from 4 August services PMI revised values to a record low depressed for selling dollars and yen, as it sought for.

Euro・dollar is 1. 0831 from $ 1. 0887 the dollar will rise up as closed. Return to the highs from the German Constitutional Court by a ruling, received a new virus on the impact of a depressed economy to support the European Central Bank [ECB]the power of strong measures is shaking the region’s economy is further depressed and the concerns of the received euros sold to pressed.

The Euro・yen 116 yen 00 sen from 115 yen 41 sen or decline.

Pound・dollar is 1. 2481 dollar rises after 1.2431 in the fall.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9681 francs from 0. 9735 French rose.


・Rice・4 on the ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index:41.8[expected:38, 3 August:52.5]・rice・4 August services PMI revised:26.7[expected:27.0,preliminary:27.0]・rice・4 October composite PMI revised: 27[preliminary:27.4]・rice・3 July trade balance:-444 billion USD[expected:-442 billion dollars, the 2 on:-398 million dollars←-399 billion dollars]《KY》

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