5 ways to get shopping from rich people

I think that many people who want to get rich are spending as little as possible. However, technology, services, and legal systems are changing, and if you spend money now, you may gain in the future. Here are some ideas that you can get later by spending money.

◆ In the end, you get the benefit by purchasing a full electric bicycle and the latest water-saving toilet
Even if you think that transportation costs will rise if you go to work by bicycle, it is troublesome to drive when you are tired.

Therefore, if it is a full electric bicycle that requires a moped license instead of an electric assist bicycle, it is almost like an electric motorcycle. Basically it is a motorcycle, so you need a license plate and a helmet, and you will need to pay liability insurance, but you can float train, taxi and bus charges.

The latest water-saving toilets use 3L less water per service than water-saving toilets a year ago. Compared to the 1990s and the 1980s, water can be reduced from 5L at a time to 10L depending on the product. This means that even if you wash it 5 times a day, it will save about 8 2L plastic bottles, which will be a considerable difference if you continue for several years.

◆ Get 300 yen gloves with bargain! Aim for unseasonable products
In supermarkets and department stores, things that are out of season can be dramatically cheaper. Therefore, I buy things that can be used in the next year at that timing. For example, in the spring, I buy 3,000 yen gloves at a bargain price of 300 yen and use them in winter.

I often buy a new computer, but right after the new model comes out, I buy the old model one generation ago.

When I bought a new laptop, I bought it for 90,000 yen, which had been out for 170,000 yen the previous summer. The personal computer that I used was sold to a used shop and I got 30,000 yen. It costs 60,000 yen, but it is much better than buying the latest model with the same function for 200,000 yen.

◆ Home bakery saves bread / pasta / mochi
Today's home bakery has evolved to make almost any staple food, from wheat and rice bread to pizza and sponge cake dough, udon and pasta dough, mochi and rice flour noodles.

If you have a large number of families, such as two households, it is much cheaper to make food at home from raw materials than to buy ready-made products.

◆ Get life insurance, personal annuity and long-term care insurance and get tax
Combining life insurance, personal annuity, and long-term care insurance, a maximum tax reduction of 120,000 yen for income tax and 70,000 yen for resident tax can be expected, which is a significant tax saving effect.

Therefore, if you take out life insurance or personal annuity with savings, even if the yield of the insurance product is low, it will be advantageous to include tax savings.

◆ Buy a second-hand detached house and save on housing costs in retirement
Buying a home has the effect of paying in advance for future rent, so you will be able to spend less money on retirement and feel safe. However, as condominiums become older, the reserves for repairs increase, so even if you finish repaying your mortgage, it can cost you as much as one room.

Therefore, there is a method of remodeling a cheap second-hand detached house and living. There are now surplus detached houses in local cities and suburbs, costing less than 10 million yen.

As with the ideas above, it's important to devise ways to spend money to get rich. Why don't you look back on how you spend your money?

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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