5 ways to make your gut healthy


5 ways to make your gut healthy

by happyveganfit

At the beginning of the year, there should be many people who wish to stay healthy this year, but most people live in the intestines and coexist with humans.Intestinal bacteria"I do not wish for good health. However, it is known that the intestinal flora (microbiome) is related to human health in many ways,Pennsylvania State UniversityResearchers summarize "5 ways to make intestinal bacteria healthy."

5 things you can do to make your microbiome healthier

In the human bodyAlmost as many bacteria as human cellsIt has been speculated that it is significantly involved in human health. It is said that intestinal bacteria also affect diseases such as chronic inflammation, weight gain, and depression. Maintaining healthy intestinal flora is important for a healthy life.

Study nutrition science at Pennsylvania State UniversityConnie RogersResearch food science with Associate ProfessorDarrell CockburnAssociate Professor pointed out that the diversity of gut microbiota is important. We propose the following five items as "how to support healthy and diverse intestinal flora".

◆ 1: Eat fruits and vegetables

A variety of diets can affect the gut microbiome, and dietary fiber, a component that humans can't degrade with their own digestive enzymes, is broken down by gut bacteria into food. Rogers and colleagues say that eating vegetables and fruits that contain abundant dietary fiber can feed intestinal bacteria that promote health.

by Nadine Primeau

◆ 2: Eat resistant starch (digestible starch)

Many starches in common diets, such as white bread and pasta, are quickly broken down and absorbed by the body, but someResistant starchReaches the large intestine without being digested into the human small intestine. This also feeds on intestinal bacteria, similar to dietary fiber, and enhances the health benefits provided by the intestinal flora.

Potatoes and legumes are known as foods containing indigestible starch, and foods containing starch, such as ordinary white bread and pasta, can be cooled in a refrigerator after cooking to reduce the indigestibility in starch. It is said that the amount of starch will increase.

◆ 3: Eat various foods

Not all people have the same gut flora, so even the same dietary fiber and resistant starch have different effects on the gut flora. Rogers and his colleagues argued that they needed to eat a variety of foods and perform "tests to see how the food responds to the gut" on their own bodies.

◆ 4: Exercise

It is said that regular exercise has various effects not only on physical function and spirit but also on the intestine. recent yearsthe studyIn, was produced during the exerciseLactic acidHave been shown to affect certain intestinal bacteria. If you don't exercise regularly, it's a good idea to include exercise in your daily life.

by Tyler Nix

◆ 5: Add probiotic food to meal
ProbioticsFoods are foods that contain microorganisms that are good for health. Fermented foods such as yogurt, natto, and kimchi contain many healthy microorganisms, so incorporating probiotic foods into your daily diet might help keep intestinal bacteria healthy. It is

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