5 years in the use of advertising agencies by presentation skills (23)

10 years ago story.

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“Oh no, not me ~ ~ I ●●●I like rock band I just got a new song for the jacket and from the CM and from the product to ask you can I~? Time no to.~”

It is a record company working for a friend of the University・S field from the Director of the phone call. The next day, the S field Director and band members as we can.

S field Director is a spark there.

“I~ I I~ troupe, one not●●●fan so Hey~ that・that・is! Ho ~ o ~ Ho Ho Ho Ho……”

Oh, the talent ahead of planning from me…and I immediately head in the”new song”and”one’s”together in…… First, that day the Manager appeared to accept it.

The next day, in the home and community as I write, the S field Director from the phone…….

“Oh Oh~ I no I~I planning to but Hey~?”

“Soon, but the PDF is send as”

And Cha and painted finish’s field Director to send immediately, or call coming in.

“Oh ~ this layout was Hey~ shooting where I just got the artist’s due the day after tomorrow I was like Oh my God Box is okay now!? Camera and I think I can stand that I’m~ but I cant~”

And all I think about, I deep-pocketed Junior art Director of the S you Resources call by phone or. And house Studio is not to S you the acquaintance of the designer・H 川氏 of room in the apartment to shoot in there. This is my project in your space.

■(25) is driven at purpose and get back on it,the optimal solution is to come down

CM planning in Tokyo, to the work of the dream torn countryside on the back was a youth, but the courage to cry from her on the phone and “Orange,like the one I like? One I’m not your damn?” And the panic state I was in my one of my old acting 1 Scene 1 cut can take to plan for.

Budget and time can do it without me directing it. The Agency creatives is a video production that is never unusual, not depending on the size it as the norm.

“You supervision. This flow and the last, the man behind the fall not just…… So unnatural, right?”

I have one from the production of coarse she was. His question is correct. I mentally trapped young man sobbing from back from behind to defeat some performance, but by pointing out mistakes you notice. Who is the ultimate in cornered when,just before his surrender to the most natural and. However, that’s it, the table falls on her face be for the image not to. You don’t have any contact with him.

“You not 5 seconds, please do! Rethink it!” Saying that, I counteroffer at a high speed began to think. The spirit is on the verge of collapse of the youth in a matter of seconds to draw and aim. Have either 1 degree, it will stand back. And after a few seconds, suddenly the idea came down for it. (aim to get back to them on their own, without the withdrawals from the appropriate to choose the means have failed it).

“One is….. Now I need to know the tilt up and then frame out. At last,the sky(try)to copy the youth of emptiness and the world of the ruthless will be impressed and think”

So aim to convey,for 2 Most take safely take Exit. One of the advice line plan was finished.

CD jacket, WEB for long in the same picture, edit・MA put in 5 days complete application for transcendence speedy delivery was. Clients, artists, and fans of that type of 一蓮托生 not like this work, you it,from no one.

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