5 years in the use of advertising agencies by presentation skills (25)

“Back a proposal, we wrote it!” Junior high school classmate from this LINE is entered. I would like to take this opportunity to the number of characters permitted, as long as the answer is out. (N, Sawa-Kun, read it).

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Your written proposal is a”for sale”by it? First, the”strategy”is a written proposal, only the”For Sale”to affirm you. It is”plot”and rephrased it.

The client is planning a draft of the judgment before,”Ah… this is how you sell all you have”what”this way, people brands are moving toward this”new strategy of content we tend to focus on the presentation and listen to it. Granted, right? No matter that the proposed strategies even if no, would the client have bought it or not.

Proposal to the people”move the plot”is written, the client and peers to discuss can. Also, the final specific template NG them”, even if the strategy is agreed! The proposed fix as the next time has come!” And the next one. In situ proposals about the concrete discussion on development is a must.

On the other hand,strategy ahead of proposals to create as the way. Even then, your own creative immersion and not,”Why So? (Why is that so?)” From behind and upstream of,logical be sure to assemble it. Ideas strategy (purpose) must be followed. Anyway, the logic is clear from the presentation in the challenge In(N, Sawa-Kun, here,here).

■(27)moving strategy, the hard circuit in The convince the”Planning value”raise.

Clients and that trust is built, and is confident that,”in this planning and back????????. Absolute hard like~”and she hit the Can a few more. However, an application of the”business circuit”firmly on the client description should be no problem I think.

No matter how a person’s behavior to change device of it? The target eye at the time,that person’s feelings touching on what to use to do it? How do I convince you of it? How can I tell empathy to get it? Now the society such as the transformation of one?

These goals,action of, project description (representing a description)built in the middle of the story,”the planning worth it!” And clients appreciate that I think. That said, brief on the rating but not.

Thus, the proposal in the presence of the field can be cleared, it is”carried”to get results only (N Sawa-Kun, or more).

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