5 years in the use of advertising agencies by presentation skills (37)

Art College exam prep is a part-time lecturer at all. Corporate society in which young people reduced to want started. I trained to write resumes, research plans, letters and e-mails to refrain from students in the mock interview was carried out.

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School Admissions interview is a”research attitude”, or academic and social significance into question. It”logical thinking”can be explained, and the”response”is also seen. Ahead and ask for the content to Express the difference in deep was a theme of research to refute all the tugging from you. Light a bad thing to teach them how to handle these situations for you.

The interviewer the students the”proper”and”mission”to check it. Through art the Society of the future human resources who can contribute to whether(=Graduate School of the shares on that talent from),the qualities of which were the educational background of laundering of whether or not to establish for that group.

■(39) from the opponent tugging at it,the perspective of the High idea Shot return chance

Presentation to come in this way from the opponent shaken to the scene in”the””Do””processing”correspondence in own or top it 浅慮 at all. Interview with”the perspective of high thinking”for understanding place, actively proposed a chance to think and shoot back, but I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from it.

Own research the theme in their own creative, social change you want. Who just transformed from. Your own vision to appeal to all students to teach. Hence, himself and society and the relationship of contemplation to work must be.

This”thinking work”to abandon the graduate school side,”their thoughts understand not!” And yourself, forsake the will. No matter the application power is high, and the concept of fit to explain the low ratings, and when I selected the.

Interview to break through is,no question, even if the”intention”and its”reasoning”shows,the last always”aspiring reason”connecting・the adhesive has to pay for that. It’s just repeat. In addition, upon completion of the vision also speaks to this. In advance,this information repeatedly to organize the”making→argument→wannabe why”of the accuracy and strength are enhanced and a coherent logical to wear them.

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