5 years in your Agency by presentation to surgery (21)

My first item is,”I am back!!” With a single CD of the song title. Tetsuya is not the lyrics, the composition, and Kanzaki can’t sing for the TBS drama”Sunday Theatre・the most ill of 2″the theme song of it. 25 years old, was at that time.

【Previous】5 years in the use of advertising agencies by Presentation Skills (20)

It was,copywriter training course in the naming of the lecture courses in…… Lecturer I permanent no. Hitachi washing machines from sticks,Shinjuku MYCITY, Tokyu Bunkamura,Nisshin oillio,Monthly STORY,saita,Shibuya MARKCITY,Otsuka Pharmaceutical UL・OS, Honda FIT, such as excellent mass production to continue with the naming of the landlord is.

I long from the challenges of the”endangered footwear”Geta”and the naming and the graphic poster about it. Clogs again released a new draft to think”for.

Then, my draft class’s best work, chosen by the magazine”propaganda meeting”Published time”is absolute copywriter’t know!” And,from challenge high to enclose it.

■(23)of the product is,”○○○is I~”and consumers in the corners of the mouth up, and feeling good decision to introduce

Naming the”features and offer value and meaning from a message-based”and”landmarks symbolic word is an abstract representation image-based”bi-directional, can be roughly divided into. The latter”generates priority-based”it.

Either way, good to have a gossip or witty without Christ, there is this product that you know or in on the conversation with the consumer’s sense of superiority to this. Such effects can be expected, naming is one of the solution I think.

Spec and the meaning of gender in the past,correct stiffly about to fall into the so,then, product sales can rise even stronger independence with the mix to develop it.

The aforementioned”clogs”of the new naming is,what kind of draft was it?

【Gateway(Getaway)]and name. Name your new category name.

The catch copy,”this from the rail on the walk or not.”
Product concept,”common sense would rule and that would free them from the bondage footwear”and you.

Getaway, the Spanish・Director’s masterpiece inspired by”the offender, such as escape・escape”means.

At the time,”Geta”is the times by foot and rail from the already out of it. And, it clogs to the most insane and regulatory intolerance of society if, on the contrary it’s insane from the perspective of an honor student by what is also insane is not! Want to say that.

At that time, the corporate society, a solid was present in The 同調圧力 and stagnation. From it to escape as quickly as I can,clogs the unconscious to dark hero in the positioning of the fixture and never.

This, in clogs of”our way”go with the Universal Series and the mid-pushy’ one perspective is devised and if now, health from the viewpoint of effective promotion is a violation of the TOU. think.

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