5 years in your Agency by presentation to surgery (27)

2 month 14 days,everyone is someone”I”give to you? The 2 on 14 day”Humph→2 as a→10 I→4″, and”I Day”is. Today, I am 4 years ago was carried out in a loincloth and promotions, as there are so many out there.

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Loincloth is now and endangered underwear, and rubber to wear pants, unlike am tightening you can adjust to stress better sleep underwear with good features. However, this benefit is a buying motive that leads to people only a few were.

So, Japanese loincloth Association is”love others……… I give,I Day (2 May 14)”determine,in the gift of the growing demand as a strategy for the Internet of things and services Presents the medicines, herbs, non-outline drugs, by dietary supplements you apply and once you try to wear them the comfort to create the perception of a possibility. As from 2011, in Tokyo at a Department store and started”I the day of the Fair”was widely recognized in a state not held, for I was a visitor in years followed it.

This business is a”loincloth of the day (2 October 14)”awareness of and establishment of a fair organized by the loincloth brand”SHAREFUN”the gift of growing demand and the 2 mission. Ample budget is not.

Recognition for”loincloth”day of significance・the value materialization, the Dweller on the”loincloth of the day”, feel the need for them is essential. Selling place not only in public, and the significance of visualization and”I Day”of recognition early and I thought.

One of the reviews of the product I was looking at them,”Oh, the train hanging poster size,you get it?” And notice,measured from the vertical left and right is almost the same size it was.

Well, the train I poster Jack only! So what to say? And,two-way messaging to engagement not spread from. So, participatory, and more. And so on once the planning is started.

Soon after the designer of the K Shima, invited over 15 minutes past the fastest of us in the promotional planning for after my promotion to penetrate the slogan was developed.

“2 on May 14, the two, tying the loincloth of days.”

This core,public confession promotional assembled,it was conducted in. The name of love”I confessed train”.

Yellow loincloth of love confession statement in the autograph entrant to have them write it on a train in the hanging as a poster hanging. And of unrequited love, it will purposely come to see in the classroom. That is, the car to the”confession event”, as the planning was.

Posting media is a couple more ride to Enoshima electric railway. Elementary School from the 70’s,foreigners, including 42 people of the love of the loincloth on the confession TRAIN 2 months 8 days from 14 days may also see for your convenience all other timetables for the route was.

My reaction to immediately see every day, such as the enoden, too exhausted to move. The train window is a blue sea. The car is a yellow loincloth. To top it off the vehicle from the edge of the camera gekisha General photographers. Smile in the photo spread of the Russian people. Then, the confession of Love came to see the parties.

I poster in the whole relationship of the confession statement also. It’s real. Frank・seriously message. Their confession is the fashion of many a tolerant people by Accepted, and the”loincloth of the day”is a Fuji TV news and TV Tokyo’s program information, journals and much more of the media to organic to read.

■(29) the plan to provide two-way communication and it ground enough to fight

Of course, a confession of love to”reply”is required. It’s not the White Data weeks of 3 months from the 8th to the 14th, the confession from the other party’s reply on the train”white loincloth reply train”to run in…… Here, too YES,NO shoves a realistic reply to the poster posting it.

Outbound flight can not only return you can”confess the whereabouts of the”Publish to. This bit is about the promotion of perfection is high, and the sidelines are the passengers(consumers) and the engagement you can think of.

As a result 42 people confession of love from the 14 couples was born. I by strictly tied couples, 33.3%. Not bad for a established rate or so. SHAREFUN about this promotional effect in dozens of stores of retail and business meeting,sales year-on-year on the numbers and more. (This planning, the implementation of more than 10 years ago from the warm ones. Over and over again out if you continue,some adjustment to the light at the end of the tunnel.)

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