5 years to look for, the finest car with a mileage of 27,000 km that finally came out | 71 year model Toyota Crown Super Deluxe Vol.2

“As I got older, I wanted an old car that I could ride all seasons,” owner Junrin Ito recalls when he got the crown.

I have been riding the TA27 Celica for about 10 years, but I felt it was inconvenient to ride all season because it was fully tuned. Then, the search for the crown started. In the previous term of the MS70 type, we pursued the desired body color, green.

“I had an image of this style if I was riding a crown for a long time, so I searched for the early model of the MS70 crown to find the style I envisioned. It took me five years to find it.”

The car finally found was in a superb condition of 27,000 km in actual driving. It was almost normal.

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The engine that ran 27,000 kilometers was modified for comfortable riding. The brake master cylinder is for the JZS171, the cell motor is the 1JZ reduction cell, and the 80A IC alternator is for the 2TG.

From the heater lever to the stereo, they are located in the instrument panel. You can also use a genuine cooler to spend all season comfortably.

A streamlined type fender mirror was also adopted. Unify the exterior design.

The tail lamp has an independent hard top. The colored bumper is integrated with the body.

Published: Nostalgic Hero Vol.140 August 2010 [All content in this article is as at the time of publication]
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