510 Bull, but the "RS" badge. It is equipped with FJ20 type engine!?|70 year model Datsun Bluebird 1300 DX Vol.2

The Datsun Bluebird 1300 DX, which is handmade by craftsmen. It's not an exaggeration to say that this car is a gem, but it's hard to tell because it has paint on the front side, but when you open the hood, you'll see yourself. The bone part is diverted from the genuine part, but the panel part is made of full aluminum, and the back side is aluminum bare. It has a press line similar to the genuine one, and its quality is extremely high.

 Although it is easy to get a lot of attention from the aluminum bonnet, the highlight of this 510 is the engine room itself. The installed engine is FJ20 type instead of L type. At the time of purchase by the owner, the FJ20 type was already installed, and although it was a bench seat, it was modified to a floor shift, but it was not good. So 510, a special shop, Refresh 60 is literally in charge of "Refresh". I reassembled the engine and replaced all the undercarriage and brakes.

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