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54.4% of women “ no bonuses ''-investigating bonus facts in 2019

On December 16th, Dr. Ceylab announced the results of a 2019 bonus survey. The survey period is December 5-9, 2019. The survey target is women aged 20-59 years old and valid responses are 360 ​​people.

"With bonus" is 37.5%

  • Will there be a 2019 bonus or did it come out?

    Will there be a 2019 bonus or did it come out?

When asked if the bonus for 2019 would come out or not, 54.4% of the majority answered “No” and “Yes” remained at 37.5%.

When asked if the bonus amount has increased, 40.7% answered “no change”. In addition, “rising” was 25.2%, “declining” was 10.4%, and “don't know” was 23.7%.

When asked why the bonus was raised, "My own evaluation" was overwhelmingly 73.5%. “Company performance” was followed by 20.6%, “Change” was 11.8%, “Other” was 8.8%, and “Change of job” was 2.9%. On the contrary, “Company performance” was the most common at 71.4%, followed by “My own evaluation” at 21.4%, “Transfer” and “Change of job” at 14.3%.

When I asked why my evaluation went up or why I thought it went up, I was ranked 1st “ I got results at work '' (56.0%), 2nd “ I got work faster '' (48.0%), It turns out that the quality of work is first. On the other hand, those who think that their appearances are also reflected in the bonus, with 3rd place “beginning appearance” (32.0%) and 4th place “body maintenance” (28.0%) I found out.

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