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5G iPad Pro released later this year? Is the iPhone completely wireless from 2021? Until. Latest Apple Rumors-Engadget Japan Version

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Two-thirds of January has already passed since the new year. And last year, Apple announced new services such as Apple Arcade and Apple TV + and the fifth-generation iPad mini in March, and there may be some major moves this year.

5G iPad Pro released later this year? Is the iPhone2021 model completely wireless? Until then, we will send you the latest Apple rumors.


From the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.4 beta, it is news that "Pro Mode" that users can switch on and off has been discovered.

A string extracted by Apple related information site 9to5Mac states that if Pro mode is enabled, battery life will be shortened in exchange for improvement of application speed and fan noise may increase That it is. In short, the fan's rotation speed is faster than normal to cool it, and the clock speed of the CPU is the highest priority, taking into account battery consumption.

Not only MacBooks but also notebook PCs in recent years have a mechanism called "thermal throttling" that performs high-load work and significantly slows down when the temperature rises, thereby preventing damage to the CPU. On MacBook Pro (2018)It worked too much and was controversialIn some cases, increasing the fan speed in Pro mode is an approach that temporarily removes the restrictions imposed for power saving, while maintaining the same idea of ​​“avoid heating that could damage the CPU”.

Since such a mechanism is directly connected to the power management system of macOS and also related to heat dissipation management,New thermal design similar to 16-inch MacBook ProIt is also speculated that this is a function exclusively for models with.

Apple has recently focused on Pro products, such as the new Mac Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro, but professional use demands more processing power than anything else. MacOS in the future may evolve in that direction.

The iPhone 12 (provisional) series, which is expected to appear this fall,Qualcomm claims "top priority"In some cases, support for 5G itself is definitely seen. On the other hand, experts are divided on whether the high-speed millimeter-wave version is ready for fall, or whether the sub-6 GHz version is ahead of the market, and will be released in two stages.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst familiar with Apple's insider information, said that the sub 6 GHz version and the sub 6 GHz + millimeter-wave compatible model will be released at the same time, and said earlier that "millimeter wave compatible models will be available from the beginning". After reconfirmation, details were added. At the same time, I want to deny some of the two-stage release theories.

The development of the millimeter wave + sub 6 GHz version is proceeding as planned, and it is expected to be released around September or October, although the development complexity is high due to the simultaneous progress of these two communication models.

Kuo estimates the new iPhone shipments in the latter half of 2020 are more bullish than the iPhone 11 series, but the worrisome thing is that the millimeter-wave compatible models have a disproportionate 15-20%. Kuo, who has a reputation for forecasting, is not a hundredThere was also a decrease in the estimated number of iPhone XR shipments.

Since 5G devices will not be able to demonstrate its true value unless the infrastructure of mobile carriers is in time, the uncertainties may still be large for Mr. Kuo, who is familiar with supply chain information.

The MacBook series has been in motion for a while since the 16-inch MacBook Pro was announced and released last November. It is a topic that an unpublished product that seems to be a new type was found in the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) database.

Even though Apple is known for its secrecy, registration with a public agency is mandatory before it is launched worldwide. Before the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, it is almost a common occurrence to find unpublished products in the EEC database. Just after the iPhone 2018 model, the 10.2 inch iPad (7th generation) was released within two months of its discovery.

Earlier, DigiTimes, a Taiwanese electronics industry information magazine, reported that a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 16-inch scissor-style keyboard would be available in early 2020, pointing to this device. It is up to the speculation that it may be.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro has almost the same body size as the 15-inch, but the display has become wider due to the narrower bezel, so there is some speculation (including expectations) that the new 13-inch will have a 14-inch screen when the body size is left unchanged.

There is another Touch Bar that seems to attract attention, but since the latest entry model introduced last July has all models equipped with Touch Bar, even new models may be based on that precedent not.Unexpected MacBook Air-like device with explosive speedWas talked about, but it seems that the only testimony of a non-Air Pro could be the Touch Bar.

While the observations related to the 5G support of the iPhone 12 series have been narrowed down to the details “ Does it correspond to millimeter waves '', it has been reported that a 5G compatible iPad that was not so rumored may be released within 2020 I am.

The source is the familiar Taiwanese magazine DigiTimes. According to the magazine, Taiwan ASE will supply 5G-compatible iPhone and 5G-compatible iPad antenna-in-package, which is good news for local supply chains with potential growth.

"It has been confirmed that the iPad compatible with millimeter wave 5G is included in Apple's new product roadmap." It is still considered to be a Pro model of the iPad because it is still state-of-the-art and costs more than a 4G LTE modem.

Initial releaseiPad Pro (2018) 12.9 inch 1 TB model exceeds 200,000 yen including taxAs mentioned above, the Pro model has professional use, and there is room for price with high value-added functions.

The dedicated OS iPadOS has also been released and the multitasking function has been improved, and it is predicted that in the future the iPad Pro will also increase its tendency as a productivity improvement tool, but it is part of Apple's professional use strategy together with the above MacBook Pro It may be incorporated into.


The iPhone 12 series is expected to be a significant update in addition to 5G compatibility and new technology. One of them, the Face ID system for facial recognition is expected to be "updated," Barclays analyst British Investment Bank announced in the form of a note for investors.

All major smartphone companies have focused on how to handle the front camera as an important focus of the new product, and the temporary notch (to be cut into the notch at the top of the screen) boom leaves and shifts to a punch hole, and then the mosaic surface There were rumors that there would be a trend that could not be seen. The iPhone 12 is likely to change not only the performance and size of the TrueDepth camera that realizes Face ID, but also the body design itself.

Furthermore,Rumored iPhone SE2 (tentative) Face ID modelEven, the old TrueDepth camera can be diverted.

In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro (tentative name of the high-end model) will be equipped with a ToF type 3D sensor, and the memory will be increased to 6 GB (4 GB for the iPhone 11 Pro model). This perspectiveLarge financial institution UBSAnd Ming-Chi Kuo agrees, and it seems that it is no longer an established theory.

In addition, Apple says that the Lightning connector may be "removed" from at least one of the 2021 models, making it completely wireless. The European Parliament has started discussions to require a uniform charging standard for all mobile devices including smartphones sold in the EU areaWas reportedHowever, it can be said that it effectively promotes unification to USB Type-C. The move to full wireless may also be in light of these regulatory policies.

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