5G of the market leading to Murata Manufacturing and the”Kabuto-Cho residents ‘grounds”

1 on 29 of SanKeiBiz”China 5G investment Taiyo Yuden in tailwind”in the headline of Taiyo Yuden:uphill Shoichi of the President”by 2020(flagship product)multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) demand for more growing”with a view to an interview, and in the form that you have posted.

【Here】Child of the market”leading theme”to think about (up)

5G (5th generation mobile communications system), age of arrival,each media busy people and often covered. “High・speed, large-capacity””ultra low latency(lag time,1000 seconds 1)””multiple concurrent connections”in the”IoT society is more progress to be”and its contents.

Sure there is some”5G”in”Japan is 1 year late”and point out that this may be so,from”experience”in the current situation is not there. But,kabutocho muscle of the mouth to align. “Japan is the 5G era, this led to no doubt”.

“5G-related essential parts,Japanese manufacturers literally stand out from”, and the like of the main parts of the Japanese company the world ranking table have brought out.

★Capacitors: No. 1 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Murata)/2-ranked Samsung Electronics (South Korea)/3rd Taiyo Yuden/4th TDK.

★Surface wave filter: No. 1 Murata/2nd Qualcomm(United States).

★Duplexer(antenna sharing device): No. 1 Murata/2nd Avago Technologies.

★Ceramic resonators: Murata(monopoly state).

★EMI(noise)filter: No. 1 Murata/2nd TDK/3-position Taiyo Yuden.

★Wireless LAN module: 1. place Murata/2nd USI(Taiwan)/3rd TDK.

★Bluetooth (wireless communication technology) module: No. 1 Murata/2nd Alps Electric.

★Inductor(magnetic field energy storing passive components): 1. place TDK/2nd Murata.

Then, in this added. “Murata filters and duplexers,ceramic resonators,wireless camera module market share in the world occupy the majority of. Also 18 year and 3 month period, electronic component companies strong financial results in the first half, the downward revision for. 5G was developed for the liquid crystal (liquid crystal polymer)resin multilayer substrate:metro service efficiency of the pursuit,the manufacturing cost raised was the result. The metro service is also sidelined with a full-scale appeared as well. 5G-related Middle companies saying Never is not an exaggeration”.

The previous year”14.8% year on year,63.4%of sales an increase of 20 the dividend by ¥ “for this year is”0.3% year on year,17.5%of sales, a decrease from the previous fiscal year of the 1 for 3 Split taking into account the real increases”in the plan stood up, but 4-9 months ended disclosure and at the same time full-year operating profit to 100 billion yen a load (2300 billion yen)to.

Kabutocho muscle of perspective is the stock price reflected that. Last 8 months of 4304 yen from the Year 1 Mid-6920 yen, or nearly from that point on. Adjust the scene to”新型肺炎 problem”in the school during the creation of the fair market value is 6300 yen also IFIS goal average is 7460 yen and the upper limit the room for shows.

Also ahead of the 5G-related stocks and kabutocho muscle fingers, each of the companies,favorable stock market trends, themselves to. This year’s market theme, as for the head hitting the and worth and say so. (Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at)

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