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5G smartphones are in the 30,000 yen range. The price destruction caused by Xiaomi doesn't stop: Dr. Yamane's smartphone story-Engadget Japan

Xiaomi, who entered Japan, announced the new RedMi K30 series in China. RedMi is a sub-brand that emphasizes COSPA that sells low prices among Xiaomi products. The model of model number K is the “RedMi K20” series equipped with a pop-up camera, but the RedMi K30 series is a punch hole type with a front camera embedded in the display. Moreover, it has a dual camera similar to the “Galaxy S10 +”.

This new product will also feature “RedMi K30 5G” for 5G. The Snapdragon 765G that Qualcomm just announced on December 4th is adopted for SoC. Although it is not the top-level Snapdragon 865G, the target user of RedMi is a layer that sticks to price. Corresponding bands are also narrowed down to n41 / n78 for 5G and B1 / 3/5/7/34/38/39/40/41 for 4G. That's why the 5G smartphone has realized a surprisingly low price.

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<p>The price of RedMi K30 5G is RAM6GB + ROM64GB, 1999 yuan (about 31,000 yen). This is the cheapest 5G smartphone that came out in 2019 this year, and it is the same price as a 4G mid-high range terminal. Moreover, it is equipped with four cameras including a 64 million pixel camera, and the camera performance is sufficiently satisfactory. Development outside of China is unknown, but if it comes to Japanese 5G services at this price, Japanese consumers will continue to switch from 4G to 5G.</p>
<p>By the way, the price of 1999 yuan was what appealed to Chinese consumers as the price of the main model “Mi” series when Xiaomi entered the smartphone market. "High spec and low price at 1000 yuan". For Xiaomi, this price setting of 1999 yuan is something I have a passion for. As we enter the 5G era and bring out 1999 yuan smartphones again, Xiaomi will be seriously trying to get a share of the 5G terminal market.</p>
<p>In 2019, Xiaomi's “Mi MIX 3 5G” announced at MWC19 Barcelona in February became a big topic at a low price of 599 euros (about 73,000 yen). 5G smartphones announced by Samsung and LG at the same time were over 100,000 yen, and the price of Mi MIX 3 5G became a great attraction for communication carriers starting 5G. Major carriers in developed countries such as Switzerland also sell Mi MIX 3 5G, greatly boosting Xiaomi's full-scale entry into developed countries.</p>
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Xiaomi also announced two 5G smartphones in September called “Mi 9 Pro 5G” and “Mi MIX Alpha”. Of these, the Mi 9 Pro 5G is already on sale in China. The price is RAM8GB + ROM128GB, 3699 yuan (58,000 yen). On the other hand, Mi MIX Alpha is a conceptual terminal whose screen wraps around the back, and its release date is undecided. Including these two models, Xiaomi has announced four 5G smartphones in 2019. This number is next to Huawei and Samsung.

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<p>The 5G smartphone market has just started up, and the number of sales and share at this point are only for reference. However, it is certain that the manufacturer that put the product on the market first can accumulate more know-how on developing 5G terminals. Unlike 2/3 / 4G, 5G smartphones use multiple radio waves with a wider frequency range, so antenna design is also important. It's not as simple as adding a 5G modem to an existing 4G smartphone to create a 5G smartphone.</p>
<p>Japan has an excellent camera<a href="Mi Note 10"Xiaomi to introduce the series. The development of the sub-brand RedMi series is unclear, but Japanese communication carriers will definitely want 5G smartphones, especially low-priced products. Xiaomi's existence may be a key for Japanese 5G.

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