6/19 the strength of the material

*08:31JST 6/19
[Strength of materials]

Bull material
・The NASDAQ Composite Index rise[9943.05,+32.52] ・Chicago Nikkei 225 futures rise[22350,Osaka ratio+150] ・1 dollar 106 yen 90-00 Qian
・The VIX is lower[32.94,-0.53] ・US crude oil futures rise[39.05,+0.84] ・Us long-term interest rates to decline
・The BOJ’s ETF purchases
・Global economic activity resume
・Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and large-scale economic measures
・Corona convergence of results after the recovery period for

・The Nikkei average is fall[22355.46,-100.30] ・DJIA is falling[26080.10,-39.51] ・The SOX index fell[1980.14,-3.94] ・Abe Cabinet support rate drop
・Corona number of infected people Re-increase
・US-China confrontation intensified

・Consumer price index [5 month] ・BOJ monetary policy meeting minutes of the meetings [4 on 27 May,5 on 22 days].
・Government Act self-restraint request full release
・Monthly economic report
・UK retail sales[5 months] ・The Euro area current account [4 months] ・US current account [1-3 months] ・Powell and the US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]Chairman conferencing
・US President campaign rally resumption
・The European Union [EU] summit《ST》

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