6 things you should prioritize in compulsory education to become a earner

What should I value in compulsory education to become an “earnings earner” in the future? I would like to propose education for children that I would like to emphasize in order to broaden my children's options and succeed in the future.

◆ 1. Develop national language skills that foster intellectual curiosity
Although limited to the category of compulsory education, the first thing I want to focus on when studying at school is the national language. Literacy is the basis of all learning. Even tests are hard to justify if you can't understand the problem statement correctly.

If you can read it correctly, you can convey it accurately. And if you have a good reading ability, you will be able to read and understand all the documents yourself, which will increase your knowledge.

The more knowledge you have, the more questionable. Being skeptical means discovering things you don't know. If you know something you do not know, you will want to know more, and there will be a loop in which the knowledge increases and the framework for understanding the world increases.

In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that intellectual curiosity comes from accurate Japanese proficiency and rich vocabulary.

◆ 2. Focus on science and mathematics subjects that develop logical thinking
Next is to increase the weight of science and mathematics subjects. This is because science subjects are the basis of logical thinking.

Of course, there are humanities with a high degree of logic even in the humanities field, but in general theory, science personnel have the custom of hypothesis testing, can think reasonably, and have excellent imagination and predictive power.

On the other hand, as far as I know, many people with low incomes are not good at science subjects such as mathematics and physics. Of course it does not mean everyone, but generally. That means that you are not good at thinking logically.

Therefore, I give an order without a reason such as "No, no." It is often impossible to judge by emotions and ideas, often yell at a child, or imagine what kind of consequences one's actions will bring.

That's why I tend to end my discussions and break up, break opportunities and relationships. On the other hand, a high degree of logic suppresses the ups and downs of emotions and cultivates a calm mental state. Therefore, acquiring logic is as important as acquiring Japanese ability.

◆ 3. Develop skills required in the future such as programming
In addition, programming is supposed to be a compulsory subject, which is a subject of great interest to parents. As with science and mathematics subjects, this is also basically about developing logical thinking skills. For example, the training that "If you write such a command, the program works like this" is very logical.

In addition, demand for AI and robots will continue to grow. For this reason, STEM education for children [a coined word by the acronym of science, technology, engineering, and massmatics] has been attracting attention these days, and the courses that teach them are popular.

STEM education focuses on high-tech fields, such as programming and data science, that AI and robots need to survive the future that will change society dramatically.

Recently, more and more people are calling it STEAM education with Art A added. It means that art, or design thinking, is important.

◆ 4. Do not discard science and mathematics subjects
However, even though it is desirable to become a compulsory subject as a learning opportunity, there is a concern that more and more children will dislike IT depending on the literacy of the teaching side.

But it's not just programming that requires mathematical thinking. For example, finance cannot exist without applied mathematics [there is also a discipline called financial engineering], and in the field of biology, statistics are needed to analyze genetic information, and behavioral economics and the use of big data also require statistics. Is required.

Learning statistics requires knowledge of linear algebra and calculus. In other words, in the future, more and more mathematical knowledge and mathematical thinking will be needed.

However, in reality, it seems that many people choose to run in a liberal stance because they are not good at mathematics. Then, there is a risk that we will not be able to acquire the knowledge necessary for the new era, and we will abandon the huge opportunities that expand thereafter.

◆ 5. Arithmetic and mathematics overcome the weakness by catching up early
Therefore, it is necessary to catch up with mathematics and mathematics so as not to be uncomfortable.

You can catch up with society anywhere you study, but science and mathematics subjects are a stack-up type subject that applies the knowledge you have learned before and becomes more advanced learning content. Therefore, if you stumble in some grade, it will become a weak subject after that.

Therefore, I want to go back to the place where I am stumbling and start over from the basics to overcome my weakness. This would be worth using a private supplementary school. Arithmetic and mathematics are subjects that become fun once you become familiar with them.

◆ 6. Learn English if you can afford it
English is one of the compulsory courses, and I think this is also a subject of great interest to parents. In particular, parents who have a complex English language seem to be more enthusiastic about early English education for their children, but I recognize that there is no problem with doing so long as there is room.

The reason is that if you use English for communication, you can master it well even after you grow up.

Rather than that, first of all, it is necessary to have logical ability and your own judgment criteria in Japanese. Without it, we cannot build a trusting relationship, such as persuading or moving people, whether in a native or foreign language.

Even if the foreign language is fluent, nothing can be conveyed if there is no message or logic to convey. If you don't get it, it's like you're not talking. In other words, that English ability is the same as not having it in the first place.

So, first of all, it is important to make a solid Japanese axis, and to build a foundation on which you can think carefully in Japanese. To be able to think logically and express fine nuances in Japanese.

However, natural pronunciation is easier to learn in early childhood, so it would be pronunciation.

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