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62400mAh portable power supply "700-BTL046" that AC outlet can be used outdoors from Sanwa Supply to outdoor such as camping or disaster


Sanwa Supply has released a mobile battery "700-BTL046" that supports pure sine wave AC output, cigar output, USB PD-compatible USB Type-C output, and USB output. The price is 23,454 yen [excluding tax].

This product is a mobile battery equipped with an AC port that can directly insert an AC outlet plug and supports output up to 100W. It is equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery of 62400mAh [3.7V conversion value].

It supports AC output, cigar plug output, USB Type-C output compatible with USB Power Delivery standard 60W, 5V USB output and 4 types of output.

AC output adopts "sine wave". Unlike the "pseudo sine wave", which is often restricted in the equipment used, it creates a smooth waveform similar to a household 100V outlet, so a wider range of home appliances can be used.

Equipped with protection function and protection circuit to protect the product. With a cooling fan, the fan automatically operates when the temperature inside the main unit rises, cooling the inside of the main unit prevents overheating and protects the built-in battery from overcharging and overdischarging. is doing. In addition, the built-in battery part is equipped with a temperature monitoring sensor and is equipped with an overheat protection function that protects the main unit and the built-in battery from abnormal heat generation.

It comes with a dedicated AC adapter for charging the main unit, but you can also charge the main unit using an AC charger with a USB power delivery standard of 60W or higher. It is safe because it complies with the technical standards of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law [PSE].



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