69 year Toyota 2000GT 3 running around Yokohama Chinatown

Although it is a car with constant negative rumors against Toyota such as Nissan bought A550X that became a bot in Nissan or designed by Albrecht Gates, Yamaha, the manufacturer of motorcycles, can make Toyota and Nissan in the first place If you make a commercial sports car like the 2000GT that you can't, you'll have to question its roots.

Mr. Gates may have had an influence as described in the interview published on page 107 of "Nostalgic Hero" Vol.61, but the truth is that there is no fact involved.

Of course, Gates's words are not necessarily true, but the engine is a 3M engine that has been redesigned for the Toyota 2000GT by improving the engine that Toyota originally aged. The chassis is based on the know-how gained from the RT40 corona test using the expressway as described in the text.

The designer, Mr. Nozaki, said in this magazine that the design was free to take advantage of its uniqueness and individuality.
The design was shared by Japanese companies. The basic design is Toyota, the engine tuning, the differential case and frame are Yamaha, the suspension and steering are the joint work of Toyota and Yamaha, the mission, the booster is Aisin, the brake is Sumitomo Electric, the magnesium wheel is Kobe Steel, etc. The assembled product was the Toyota 2000GT.

The argument that Toyota, Yamaha, and Nissan are famous for domestic famous cars that have become famous in the world is not clear.

A left-hand drive vehicle for export purchased in the United States. The owner who didn't have any particular attention to the right handle and left handle. Since it was originally a few cars, the option to search for a better individual was expanded.

Since the headrest is added from the latter model, it has a neat seat shape.


Toyota 2000GT 69 years

Full length 4175mm
Full width 1600mm
● Height 1160mm
-Wheelbase 2330mm
-1300mm before and after the tread
● Minimum ground clearance 155mm
● Indoor length 720mm
● Indoor width 1430mm
● Indoor height 950mm
-Vehicle weight 1120kg
● 2 passengers
● Climbing ability tanθ0.567
● Minimum turning radius 5.0m
● Engine model 3M type
● Engine type Water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder DOHC
● Total displacement 1988cc
Bore x Stroke 75.0 x 75.0 mm
Compression ratio 8.4: 1
Maximum output 150ps / 6000rpm
Maximum torque 18.0kg-m / 5000rpm
Gear ratio 1st gear 3.143 / 2nd gear 1.636 / 3th gear 1.179 / 4th gear 1.000 / 5th gear 0.844 / reverse 3.238
-Final reduction ratio 4.375
● Fuel tank capacity 60L
● Steering type recirculating ball
● W wishbone / coil before and after suspension
● Disc both before and after braking
-165HR15 before and after the tire
● Price 23.85,000 yen at the time of release

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