7 months for retrofitting the power train! | One-off Aero Nissan Figaro II

Kenmochi's basic idea is that when he comes up with a customization idea that he wants to incorporate into his Figaro, if there are no commercially available parts that match that image, he makes it all one-off.

For example, the lip spoiler under the front bumper was made of FRP, and the dash cover on the instrument panel was dimensioned and made. As a result of these commitments, the investment has so far far exceeded that of a luxury car.

The most difficult thing in this modification was the replacement of the power train. He left the car for about seven months and was finally able to run.

"The standard engine swap is a replacement for a super turbo, but that's not interesting, so I consulted with Mizukami Motors and based on the K11 March G13 engine. Using a quad throttle for AE86, A one-off intake manifold for the joints, from the octopus foot to the muffler end, is one-off using stainless steel pipes. "

And CVT control is still in the process of fine setting. It aims to achieve the ultimate drivability by using the Motec M4, a racing ECU that no one has ever tried in the past.

“I want to add an air suspension in the near future.”

The run for Figaro's next modification has already begun. Kenmochi's ambitions are still endless.

The pinstripes on the front hood are from Moon Eyes Wildman Ishii. The turn signal lens in the front grill uses mini parts.

The rear spoiler uses genuine Copen parts for processing.

The rear tail and brake lamps have been replaced with LEDs.

The refueling opening is filled with cute graphics from Mohican Beaton of the Sun Ike Company in Chiba.

One-off octopus legs with beautiful arcs are also created by matching them in kind. All work is left to water vehicles. All you have to do is set the engine and CVT.

In order to mount the AE86 quadruple throttle diagonally upward, the intake manifold was cut out and manufactured.

Hachimaru Hero vol.12 December 2009 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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