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859g notebook has 6 cores with "Super rare CPU". Dynabook announces Spring 2020 9 Series-Engadget Japan

Dynabook G8 2020
Dynabook Inc., a PC maker under Sharp, has announced the first 9 PCs in 2020, the 9 Series, 14 models. This is the core product of the company, which has been in its second year since the establishment of the new organization and the company name change (January 1, 2019).

In this new product group, the appearance level and other features have been inherited from the current model, but the CPU performance has been drastically increased in higher-end models. EspeciallyThe 13.3-inch screen high-end mobile notebook PC "dynabook G8" (above photo) is equipped with Intel's "Core i7-10710U", also called "special CPU".Such as, bargain has increased significantly.

Mobile laptop
CPU on Comet Lake

Dynabook G8 2020
▲ Dynabook G8 pearl white model. The company's discerning keyboard unit also inherits the current model

The centerpiece of the lineup announced this time is the dynabook G series. With a 13.3 inch full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) screen, light weight of the 800 g level and battery operation of over 18 hours, the estimated store price of the top model is around 200,000 yen (with Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 installed) ) And lightness required for mobile notebook PCs, long-time operation, and high cost performance.

There are three grades. The highest-order dynabook G8 is around 200,000 yen, the middle dynabook G6 is in the mid 160,000 yen, and the lightest and cheapest model, dynabook G5, is in the mid 140,000 yen. . Scheduled release dates for all three grades are "sequentially from January 24".

G8 and G6 are two colors of Onyx Blue and Pearl White, and G5 is one color of only Onyx Blue. The G8 and G6 differ in weight by color, just like the current model. Blue is about 859 g, white is about 879 g, and 20 g heavier (G5 is about 779 g).

Dynabook G8 2020
▲ Left side of the pearl white model. The power terminal is a dedicated plug, but power supply via USB Type-C is also possible

The feature is that in all grades, the CPU has changed generation to Intel 10th generation Core (development code "Comet Lake"). At the same time, the generation of wireless LAN has been renewed to support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

The main differences between each model are the CPU and memory (RAM), storage, and battery operating time. In addition, the G5 is positioned as a lightweight model with a small battery capacity, so the body weight is large and light as described above.

Dynabook G8 2020
▲ Right side of Pearl White model. Equipped with a wired LAN terminal (1000BASE-T), which is decreasing recently.

G8, which is the highest rank, has "Core i7-10710U" in the CPU. This is the only model currently available for Intel Mobile Notebook (TDP15W) CPUs that supports 6 cores / 12 threads. The basic clock is 1.1GHz, and up to 4.7GHz in turbo mode.

A total of 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD (PCIe connection / NVMe) are used for storage. Nominal battery life is up to 18.5 hours.

G6, G8 CPU "Core i5-10210U" (TDP15W, 4 cores 8 threads, basic clock 1.6GHz, turbo maximum 4.2GHz), the storage model is changed to 256GB SSD (serial ATA connection) . The battery capacity is the same as the G8, but the drive time is slightly longer than the power consumption of the CPU, and is about 19 hours.

The G5 is a lightweight model with a body weight of about 779g. The CPU is "Core i3-10110U" (TDP15W, 2 cores 4 threads, basic clock 2.1GHz, turbo maximum 4.1GHz), RAM 4GB. The storage is a 256GB / SATA-connected SSD similar to the G6, and the battery life is about 9.5 hours.

"Special CPU" at the top
Equipped with i7-10710U

Dynabook G8 2020
▲ "Core i7-10710U" search results on At present, it is not an exaggeration to call it "super rare"

The most noticeable thing this time is the top-level G8 and the Core i7-10710U (hereafter, 710U) which is the CPU mounted on it. Why is this CPU notable? that isNot only is it the only 6-core version of Intel's mobile notebook PC CPU at the moment, but too few models for various reasons.
It is not an exaggeration to say that among the current Intel CPUs, "the rareness of the adopted model is" star 5 "class"

Actually, as the Core i7 of Comet Lake system / TDP 15W, there is "i7-10510U" (hereinafter referred to as 510U) which can be called the normal version for 710U. This is 4 cores 8 threads, but the basic clock is 1.8GHz / turbo is up to 4.9GHz and the clock is fast. In addition, Intel's reference price is that the 710U is slightly cheaper at $ 409 compared to $ 443.

Dynabook G8 2020
▲ On the other hand, the search results on the price of "Core i7-10" 5 "10U" .com increased at a stretch to 109. I can imagine the high level of "7" 10U

The point is that the 710U has extremely few models, even compared to the 510U, which is the "10th generation i7 of the same Comet Lake version". For example, if you search for CPU names at, you can see that there are 109 models with 510U, but only 14 with 710U (as of January 14).
Although there are 710U-equipped machines that have not been registered on the site, there are still models that are not directly sold by the manufacturer, but it will still be about one-seventh, so it would be safe to say that it is a "big difference".

The reason that the number of PCs equipped with 710U is so small is that, as far as I have heard from some PC manufacturer engineers, power consumption and heat generation during production are higher, so there is a need for margin in PC design. In addition, the fact is that it is extremely scarce at present (with other Intel CPUs).

Under these circumstances, it is not an exaggeration to say that the fact that the lineup of PCs equipped with 710U is itself a kind of status. That's why we called it "special CPU".

In addition, the G8 is currently the lightest model with a 710U, and the expected actual selling price is almost unchanged from the current G8 (= unusually affordable for a 710U). Substantial processing capacity has greatly increased with the 6 cores, so it is also a noteworthy model in terms of affordability.

In addition, the main body design of the current G series, various expansion terminals, and the impact resistance performance etc. are inherited as they are. See the following article for details.

15.6 inches higher, T series
Two grades are renewed.

Dynabook T7 2020
▲ dynabook T7 (stylish blue model). As with the G series, the appearance takes over the current model

I will also introduce other lineups. In the dynabook T series, which is a luxuriously equipped model with a 15.6-inch screen, two grades, "dynabook T7" and "dynabook T6", have been replaced by generations. The release date is T7 from late February and T6 is "released sequentially from January 24".

Body color is T7 two colors, Lux White and Stylish Blue. T6 is one color of satin gold. Estimated prices are in the mid 190,000 yen range and mid 160,000 yen respectively (all with Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019).

In addition, T9 and T8, which are also the top of the T series, were renewed in November last year to a large screen model “ 16.1 inch LCD with a 16.4-inch body size '', but T7 and T6 have a 15.6-inch screen. It will be a variation. In both models, the liquid crystal panel adopts the IPS type with full HD (1920 × 1080) resolution.

Dynabook T7 2020
Dynabook T7 2020
▲ T7 (stylish blue model) expansion terminals. USB Type-C is mounted on the left side (not mounted on T6)

T7 is equipped with Intel's 10th generation "Core i7-10150U" ("5" 10U mentioned above) in CPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD (PCIe connection / NVMe) for storage, In addition, it is equipped with a Blu-ray Disc drive for recording and a face authentication camera, and is a heavy equipment model that also supports Wi-Fi 6.

In addition, it is designed with consideration for high sound quality. It is equipped with a high sound quality sound system "Dynamic Wide Sound" with a speaker embedded in the hinge part, and one USB Type-C is also equipped.

The T6 is a high-class configuration equipped with Intel's 8th generation "Core i7-8550U" CPU and 256GB SSD (Serial ATA connection) + DVD super multi drive for storage.
However, because there is a comparative price difference with T7, Dynamic Wide Sound and USB Type-C are not installed, and Wi-Fi is up to 5 (802.11ac), and there are also equipment differences in unexpected places.

Basic Home Note, X Series
4 grades are model change

Dynabook X6 2020
▲ dynabook X7 (stylish blue model). Only this grade, the basic body design is common with T7

The dynabook X series, which is a basic model with a 15.6-inch screen, is renewed with four grades: dynabook X7, dynabook X6, dynabook X5, and dynabook X4. Only the X7 will be released from late February, and the others will be released sequentially from January 24.

As for the body color, X7 is three colors of Lux White, Satin Gold and Stylish Blue, and the other is one color of Satin Gold. The estimated actual selling price is around mid-180,000 yen for X7, around 150,000 yen for X6, around 140,000 yen for X5, and around 120,000 yen for X4 (all with Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019).

X7 is equipped with a 15.6 inch full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS LCD on the screen, Intel "Core i7-8565U" for CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD (PCIe connection / NVMe) + 1TB HDD for storage Model to be installed. The optical drive is equipped with a recordable Blu-ray Disc drive.

In addition, only this model is equipped with a high-quality sound system "Dynamic Wide Sound" equivalent to the high-ranking T series and one USB Type-C.

Dynabook X6 2020
▲ dynabook X6 (satin gold model). 3 grades other than X7 have different body design, such as speaker not installed in hinge part

X6 is a popular specification that changes the CPU of X7 to Intel "Core i5-8250U", the storage only to 256GB SSD (serial ATA connection), and the optical drive to DVD super multi drive. However, the USB Type-C terminal is not installed.

The X5 is a model with the CPU changed to Intel "Core i3-8130U" and the RAM changed to 4GB from the specifications of X6.

The cheapest X4 is a basic model with a 15.6-inch 1366 x 768 LCD on the screen, a Celeron 3867U on the CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD (serial ATA connection) for storage.

In this way, the new model of the dynabook has a configuration centered on the renewal of Intel's 10th generation CPU, centering on the G8 with greatly enhanced CPU power. In addition, this model has been steadily improving the performance promoted by the company in recent years, such as achieving SSD storage for all models (including home notebooks).

It seems to be a lineup that can be noticed in each genre, centering on the new G8 that adds speed to "light and long time driving and price is reasonable".

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