89 years. VTEC-equipped vehicle achieves 100 ps of dream liter | Honda Integra 3-door Coupe XSi Vol.1

The VTEC [V-Tech], the world's first variable valve timing and lift mechanism developed by Honda. At present, it has become so popular that it is also used in mini vehicles, and is used not only in cars but also in motorcycles and outboard motors.

The second-generation Integra is the first to use an engine that uses the VTEC mechanism, which is synonymous with Honda's technology.

が Although this second-generation integra, the catch phrase of the “bracketed integra” and the use of Michael J. Fox as the image character attracted attention, the focus of the topic is still the VTEC engine.

VTEC is a low-speed and high-speed cam piece with different profiles on the camshaft. The cam piece is switched according to the engine speed to change the valve timing [open / close timing] and lift [opening height]. To allow more air to be taken into the combustion chamber.

The B16A type, which adopts this revolutionary mechanism, achieves 160ps / 7600rpm at 1.6L without sacrificing the low and medium speed range.

It achieved a high specification of "liter 100ps", which was considered difficult with technology at the time.

XSi only has 14-inch aluminum wheels as standard equipment. By the way, 3 doors and 4 doors are designed exclusively, and the 3 doors adopt a turbine shape.

The red zone tachometer at 8000 rpm tells the story of a high-speed engine.

The electric smoked glass sunroof was optional for some grades including XSi and air conditioners.

The luggage space has a large capacity of 347mm at normal time and 599mm when the rear seat is defeated. A double-action rear shelf is also installed on all three-door models.

Hachimaru Hero May 2019 vol.53 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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