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8K 'zero bezel' TV, Samsung announced at CES2020-Engadget Japan version

8K Zero Bezel TV
At the CES 2020, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition that will open on January 6, Samsung is expected to announce a zero-bezel 8K TV with no frame.

German Tech News Site4KFilmeHas released an image entitled "Frameless Samsung 8K QLED TV (Q900T or Q950T)".

If this product image is accurate, it is not a perfect “zero bezel,” but Samsung has achieved something very close. There is a slight bezel at the bottom, and also comes with a stand suitable for use with a soundbar. In addition, there seems to be a solid mount for mounting on the wall.

8K Zero Bezel TV

Previous rumorsStates that the Zero Bezel TV will enter production in February. The price is unknown, but it is expected that only models larger than 65 inches will be available.

Modern bezels are also thin enough that zero-bezel TVs will not change much in practicality. Impressing guests who invite them to their home, and the superiority of owning the "world's first 8K zero-bezel TV", will be the biggest "selling" of this TV. High-quality video expression is also included as an extra.


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