9 days of Japanese government bonds market overview:bond futures 152 yen 26 sen in the end

*18:41JST 9 days of the JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 26 sen in the end

JGB futures in 2019, 12 months limited
Donations 152 yen 39 Qian highs 152 yen 45 sen lows 152 yen 18 sen over 152 yen 26 sen
Trading volume total 42622 pieces

2 years 407 times -0.135%
5 years 141 times -0.105%
10 years 356 times -0.015%
20 years 170 times 0.295%

Bond futures 12 month limit,152 JPY 39 per share and start trading. US payrolls improvement and long-term interest rates rise only for oil markets, then, the next day of the 5-year bond bid to the vigilance of the revenue from also in the 152 yen 45 sen from 152 yen 18 sen fell. Cash bond trading, the 2-year bonds,5 year bonds,10 year bonds are sold,the 20-year bond is bought.

2-year bond is 1. 61%, the 10-year bond is 1. 82%, 30-year bond is 2. 26%to the lowest level.
Bond yields are somewhat lowered. [The property value]

< Other foreign bond market・the 10-year bond>
German government bonds-0.31% UK bonds is 0. 75%,Australian 10-year bond is 1. 15%,NZ10-year bond is 1. 53%. [The property value]

[Today’s major political・economic events] -03:00 U.S. Treasury・3 year bond bid《KK》

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