9 days of the mainland market overview:the Shanghai Composite 0. 1% higher at 3 days after the real estate sector to buy

*17:01JST 9 days of the mainland market overview:the Shanghai Composite 0. 1% higher at 3 days after the real estate sector to buy
Week 9 days of the mainland market is slightly gainers. Key indicators of the Shanghai Composite Index,the business day preceding the ratio 2. 46 points[0.08%]height of 2914. 48 points and 3rd South Stream gas pipeline project. The Shanghai A-share index rose 2.55 points[0.08%] high of 3053. 86 at the point the transaction is finished.

US-China trade talks progress expected sustaining flow. National Economic Council Director[NEC] of the code the Chairman of the 6th U.S.-China trade talks about trends”the agreement is close. 11 March Mid-than at the time of agreement approaching a state might be”optimistic with you. Beyond them, China is the United States soybeans and pork for some of the additional duties outside the scope of the policy expressed.

However, the upper limit is limited. China’s economic trends in order to customize for me. You you after important economic indicators[10 November, prices Statistics, 16 November retail sales and industrial production,by the 15th day financial statistics, etc.] in succession will be announced. Ahead on the 8th Published 11 months of Trade Statistics,U.S. dollar-denominated exports is expected, contrary to the negative half of the imports, is an unexpected Plus and all our content was.

By industry, the real estate is high. Jindi group [600383/SH] is 4. 6%, Baoli land estate [600048/SH] is 3. 7%increase for. Tech stocks also climbed sharply. Fingerprint authentication IC, such as Shenzhen Xuhui our science and technology[603160/SH] is 7. 6% higher,industrial and IoT business for Fuji Kangxi Industrial other Telecom network [601138/SH] is 4. 4% increase in receive. General contractor stocks, material stocks etc Also Bought.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical stocks are cheap. 金宇 bio technology[600201/SH] is 5. 6%,Jiangsu Heng Rui pharmaceutical[600276/SH] is 4. 0%, medicine 明康 virtue[603259/SH] is 2. 7%in one fell. The Central government led by pharmaceuticals”centralized procurement”system, about the internal documents leaked,the tender can participate manufacturers to Refine the policy have shown that anaerobic. A leading manufacturer of impact is less and they have the industry against the pressures and fears are drifting by. Consumption-related stocks,auto stocks,financial stocks corner also being sold.

On the other hand, foreign currency-denominated B shares gainers. The Shanghai B-share index is 1. 26 points[0.52%]high 244. 70 points, the Shenzhen B-share index is 1. 09 points[0.12%] high of 900. 99 points in the end.

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