9 days PCR test negative for assault RYOJI

Ketsumeishi's RYOJI [45], who was found infected with the new coronavirus on the 1st of this month, reported the status on his Instagram on the 13th.

According to RYOJI, "We were worried, but the result of the PCR test we received on the 9th was negative because it came out earlier." "I checked again on the 15th, and if the result is negative next Monday, it will be completely cured. I am relieved."

He said that he lost 8 kg after recuperation, but he said, "I don't need to worry because the appearance hasn't changed so that anyone can be seen from 50m away. Anyway, please take care of yourself carefully. I'm sorry for your concern for a long time. "

RYOJI had reported fever since last month and had been recuperating since then. As a result of a PCR test on the same day, she was diagnosed as positive on the 31st, and was working on medical treatment to recover.

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