911T, abandoned in Texas garage for 30 years, auctioned

A sleeping Porsche 911T was discovered in a garage in Texas. The version with the highest spec is the 911S, and below it is the 911E and then the 911T. As the 911 soared, the four-cylinder 912 appeared as an easy-to-obtain model, but the 911T appeared in 1967 as a true low-cost 911. T stands for "Touring".

This time, the discovered 911T is sold on an auction site, but according to the seller, it is a matching number car. Despite the signs of deterioration from sleeping in the garage for many years, there is no evidence of accidents or missing parts. Headlights and wheel caps are also original. An engine rebuild will be required.

The steering wheel, seats, carpet, etc. are also original, but the radio has been removed and the instrument panel has become heavily fogged. It has been in the garage since about 30 years ago, but considering that period, it has been kept indoors and in relatively good condition.

Isn't this one that is perfect for those who want to enjoy the restore little by little on their own. The prompt decision price is $ 44,750 [about 4,922,500 yen].

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