97th meeting "Let's break abdominal muscles today" live distribution joint training

The first online joint training of "97th meeting" consisting of top-class athletes born in 1997 [Hei 9] centered on athletes aiming for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] postponed next summer 1 It was delivered live on official Twitter on the day [].

Toshiya Nishito [23 = Nagano Club], the representative of Japan's fencing male flute, and Kazuki Tamogami [22 = Ami Athlete Club], who are mid-distance on land, have appeared as memorable first lecturers. First of all, Saito shows the yoga that he is incorporating to improve his physical ability and stabilize his mental health. The points to be aware of with breathing such as belly and chest were taught.

Volleyball analyst Minami Ito [22 = Tokyo Gakugei University] is a facilitator [facilitator] and Rhythmic Gymnastics Fairy Japan POLA Sakura [22 = Konami Sports Headquarters] Ayoko Yokota [23 = Kracier Holdings] ] Member 97 members of Natsuho Minagawa [22 = Aeon], freestyle ski mogul boys Yukina Horishima [22 = Toyota Motor Corporation], female gymnastics Yuki Uchiyama [22 = Waseda University], etc. Guest participation. Following Nishito, Tamogami introduced circuit training and repeated the hard menu with the slogan "Let's break abs just today".

After the training of the first half is over, the second half is the talk volume. First of all, regarding the history of the "97th Association", Mr. Totoya said, "I originally lived in a training camp at the National Sports Science Center [JISS], and the circle of the same age expanded. I hope everyone from various competitions can gather. "It started as a" fun party "from the Rhythmic Gymnastics team of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. It finally reached last year [meeting]. It spread further online during the self-restraint of the new coronavirus."

In the question corner, when asked, "While the infection of the new corona is subsiding, how can I resume the practice?", Uchiyama said, "It is dangerous in a competition where the load is very high, so even if the gym can be used, it is basic I have a plan to start with something special. ” Horishima, who competes in the winter season, said, "Since it was off season, I had a good rest. If I couldn't practice [during the season], I was concentrating on improving my physical fitness." Minagawa advised, "When the gym is unavailable, stay in the room. Practice practicing hoops, balls, ribbons, etc. at home. It is important to gradually increase the strength."

When asked about the pre-match routine, Saito said, "I'm nervous when I lose, what I do when I fail, so I can't help thinking about that. To concentrate only on winning. There was a routine, the room was cleaned the day before, and the next day, two hours before the match, you should be in the venue, make the same preparations as you practice and listen to the same music … "

Yumi Kajiwara [23 = University of Tsukuba graduate school], who won the first Japanese title in the Women's Omnium in the World Championships of Bicycle Track [February, Berlin], said, "I will be afraid and nervous. I will look back at the practice notes and practice this much. It's okay, so I read the predictions and tactics of the race again and try to imagine the match as I want it to run. "

Rhythmic gymnastics team Yokota said, “I'm confident I've been practicing to death, so I'm not worried before the match. Personally, I take a towel in front of my chest and take three deep breaths before going to the match.” .. Minagawa revealed that he asked his coach to squeeze his ears, and Yokota repeated that he also asked him to squeeze under his nose.

Uchiyama is "meat" in the "game of rice". Tamami Nakata [22 = JX-ENEOS], a female basketball player who jumped in and joined, said “meat”. Saito said, “Until 2016, I had eaten“ Anpanman chocolate ”on the day of the match. I was hiding because I was embarrassed. I took it abroad without telling me, but after I lost the bag, Anpanman and Baikinman [melt I wasn't there and it was going to be a big deal … so I stopped. "

When the topic of overseas expeditions spread, such as "things to bring at international competitions" and "lost baggage," Uchiyama said, "Sauce of yakiniku! Yokota and Togitani said, "The hoops often don't reach due to transits. I've won the borrowed hoops." Saito said, "Fencing also has a lost armor. At that time, I will procure it locally. , One person in one tournament has a whole new body, a brand-new player, and I'm looking at it while thinking "Oh, this person was absolutely lost", laughing at the iron plate story unique to the competition, ending the first round It was

The next event is scheduled to be held on the 3rd from 8 pm.

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