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98.9% of eradication rate! NEEKIN, a portable air cleaner for vehicles-Engadget Japan


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Features of NEEKIN, a portable air cleaner for vehicles

98.9% of bacteria removal rate, AOP-KF uses patented purification material, so bacteria removal rate is highhigh

It adopts a circular design with a 360 ° air inlet to improve the air inside the vehicle.

■ Excellent quietness of only 38.5DB

■ Energy saving: Operating power is only 2.5W and does not consume much power.

■ One-button simple operation

■ We switch according to weak / middle / strong scene with three phases of air volumes

■ Because it uses an excellent aluminum alloy, it is hard to rust and can be used for a long time

Countless dust and harmful substances are floating in our living space. Bacteria can grow in small spaces, such as cars, and long-term indoor pollution and sensitive nasal dangers can be harmed by invisible enemies.

Therefore, we have prepared a simple and easy-to-handle portable air purifier “NEEKIN”.

AOP-KF uses a patented purification material to decompose various odors, such as cigarette smoke / PM2.5 / dust / pollen / allele substances / tobacco odor / food odor, and switch to a refreshing space. Maintains high purifying power with cleaning effect, excellent dust collection and deodorizing ability, and effective in improving rhinitis without secondary pollution.

The circular design appearance and filter element with 360 ° air inlet effectively increases the air-filter contact area, promotes air circulation and provides better purification results.

OK with one touch, connectable with USB. The mode of three-stage air volume can be switched. The level can be adjusted for each push.

AOP-KF® Solid Alkali is a solid disinfecting and refining material with a unique porous adsorption structure, a safe and efficient green disinfectant.

With excellent components and vertical air duct design, Yue Breathing V1 only requires 2.5W of power at full speed and the purification energy efficiency reaches 2.64, which helps long-term use of the purifier.

Ultra quiet design with maximum noise ≤38.5dB, very quiet, no matter when driving or sleeping.

It can be used as an aroma diffuser, so you can add your favorite aroma and enjoy the scent easily, which is effective for both mind and body. The air purifier can be expected to improve the effect of air purification and suppress pollen. Relaxing effect of aroma effect, recommended for women.

* Do not use liquid aroma oil.

In the car, desk, small room, kitchen, office

Create an original design, quality travel Travel is fun and nothing else should be bound to us. We have been thinking about ways to create a higher quality travel experience based on safety and health. Founded in 2014, the Neekin team is a young, energetic and challenging team that aims to provide healthy travel around drivers, using original design products as a carrier.

The AirEco V1 is the first to use a patented purification material to revolutionize formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses. Hope healthy travel will be more convenient as our research and development results will help you. Your support is the motivation for our continuous progress.

Q 1. Does AirEco V1 include a battery?

A AirEco V1 does not include a battery. There is an unpredictable risk of battery usage, as cars can reach more than 70 ° in outdoor parking or in direct sunlight in closed environments.

Q 2. How to connect AirEco V1?

A AirEco V1 device interface is Type-C and comes with dual USB interface car charger.

Q 3. Does AirEco V1 include some accessories?

A Includes Yuetsu Breath V1, Filter, Car Charger, Type-C Cable, Aromatherapy Cotton x2, User Manual.

Q 4. Is the operation of AirEco V1 easy?

A When the power is on, click the touch control buttons on the top cover in order. This is "power on, gear 1, gear 2, gear 3, power off".

Q 5. Where is AirEco V1 recommended?

A AirEco V1 purifiers are recommended to be installed in the center of the car armrest or in the rear cup holder.

Q 6. Is it convenient to attach the filter element?

A 1] Turn off the power, hold the machine, and loosen the base in the direction shown by the arrow.

2] Take out the filter element, remove the protective film of the filter element, insert the filter element into the machine with the filter element facing upward, and screw the base.

3] Plug in the car charger, connect the purifier and turn on the power.

Q 7. How long is the life of the filter element?

A The recommended filter replacement period is 12 months, and the filter replacement period may be shorter depending on the location and usage, such as in contaminated areas and family smoking.

Q 8. What kind of garbage does the filter element belong to?

A Used filter elements are recyclable materials. Pay attention to the classification when disposing.

Q 9. How to install aromatherapy cotton?

A 1] Remove the filter element, align it with the groove, and remove the top cover of the aroma box.

2] Take out the packing bag of the aroma cotton, take out the ring aroma cotton and put it flat in the slot.

3] Align the cover of the aromatherapy box with the groove, press down and fix the buckle to complete the installation.

Q 10. Why does the machine not work?

A Check that the power indicator is lit, plug in the car charger and connection cable, and check for loose connections.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING


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