99% cut off the sweat odor on the fabric belt! The next PRO TREK is the perfect model for casual use!

Casio's PRO TREK has a strong image of a high-performance wristwatch that has many enthusiasts. However, recently, a product that combines a casual design belt with a thin body has come out, making it popular with light users such as mountain girls. The long-awaited cloth belt type has appeared in the "PRW-60" series, which is widely recognized as a standard of such PRO TREK! Let me introduce the interview with the Goldwin representative who co-produced the belt with Casio.

The latest model that realizes a belt that does not smell

The product released as a collaboration model between Casio and Goldwin this time is PRO TREK "PRW-60YBM-1AJF". Based on the popular model "PRW-60" series, the belt will be a revolutionary product using Goldwin's highly deodorant material "Maxi Fresh". Let's talk to developers about what kind of products are finished.

  • From left to right, Goldwin, Inc. Mr. Kazuyasu Kojima, Chief Planner, First Planning Office, Product Planning Department, Clock Planning Division, Headquarters Mr. Kazuto Ushiyama, Chief Engineer, Product Planning Department, Planning Department, Hamura Technology Center

――First of all, please tell us about this product overview.

Mr. Kojima:This new product is equipped with a triple sensor of altitude, barometric pressure and direction, which is the biggest feature of PRO TREK, and neutralizes the cause of sweat odor emitted from the body with the “ PRW-60 '' series which realized a thin body This product is a combination of belts produced by the brand “MXP”, which has advanced deodorization technology, including “Maxi Fresh”.

  • PRO TREK "PRW-60" and "MXP" collaborate. "Maxi Fresh" with high deodorant properties is adopted for the band

In short, this collaboration model cuts the odor that was a weak point while maintaining the high performance of PRO TREK and the convenience of maintenance-free by solar charging, plus the lightness and fashionability of the cloth belt. The synergistic effect of Maxi Fresh makes the model longer and more comfortable to use.

――Why did you decide to use Maxi Fresh for PRO TREK?

Ushiyama:Originally, there are many watches that use metal, resin, and leather belts. Fabric belts are also popular because of their light weight and unique fit, but when used outdoors, they had a strong image of smelling because they absorbed sweat.

So there is a cloth belt model in PRO TREK, but it doesn't work very well. I wanted to overcome the weaknesses of the cloth belt and talked to Mr. Goldwin, who had a material with a high deodorizing effect for some time.

-In the first place, why does the smell of sweat soaked into the fabric belt occur?

Murai:Various bacteria settle down and become the source of odors, but it is the ammonia that is particularly hard to feel. Maxi Fresh Plus has 99% deodorizing properties for its ammonia. I think that this is easy to understand if you think that it does not remove ammonia but neutralizes it to change it to a substance close to water.

-I see, there are such features. What made you decide to develop it?

Mr. Kojima:Although PRO TREK has continued to evolve, recently the spring bar has been devised to make belt replacement easy, so that it can be easily removed without using tools. The major point of this is that the act of "removing and washing the belt" has become very easy.

  • "PRW-60" can also be easily attached and detached belt

Ushiyama:If it can be removed and washed, the fabric belt can be kept clean. I went one step further and thought that it would be best to use a cloth belt that would not sweat.

Actually, myself, I have been using MXP maxi fresh shirts for 7 years, but when I went to Himalaya trekking I wore that shirt for a week continuously, but I did not smell at all is. The image at that time was so strong that if I made a PRO TREK cloth belt, I thought that there was only maxi freshness and immediately consulted Mr. Goldwin.

――What did you think when you asked Casio to make a watch belt made of maxilesh?

Hatano:To be honest, we were apparel-centric, so we had nothing to do with a watch belt. Furthermore, there was no garment belt in the product at the time, so the first hurdle was there. However, we felt that there was something very close to Casio in the part of the MXP brand concept, "Use good things for a long time", and we started using it for our belts.

–Are there other hurdles?

Hatano:In fact, Maxi Fresh is in the same category as cotton. Since this yarn is delicate and weak in strength, the strength of the belt cannot be secured as it is. Therefore, when making a belt, we decided to aim for both strength and deodorant power by making the warp yarn a strong material and weft yarn maxi fresh.

In addition, we continued development by trial and error and handed some samples, but since the watch belt has holes for loops, it turns out that cotton is not suitable at the stage of emptying it cleanly I did.

Ushiyama:When I punch holes in the belt, I point to a heated stick and harden it, but cotton doesn't melt well.

  • Image of the “MXP” belt developed for the “PRW-60”

Hatano:So I changed to Maxi Fresh using polyester and started over, and finally it worked. It was August 2017 that I spoke to you, and it took me a year to arrive at a prototype that I could understand.

–Is there a lot of hard work? After that, did Casio drop it into the design?

Mr. Kojima:I agree. Because it is a cross band, it must be flexible. After trying various folds, we ended up using a pattern often used for climbing equipment called a helibone. The touch and suppleness are sufficient and the deodorizing power is high. This also took about a year, and the design was finally completed.

Ushiyama:The belt was finished over a total of two years, but as a result of using the maxi fresh material, it doesn't make sense to say that the pattern is not good or that it is not comfortable to wear. It was carefully developed. As a result, I think that the maxi freshness was good enough.

Murai:We are very convinced of this belt design. The design of MXP is simple and minimal. Ideally, the design is in the direction of pulling, not in the direction of adding. Mr. Casio took that point out and the design was finished.

――If you actually use it, do you need to care for it?

Ushiyama:Product testing started just in the summer of 2018, and I was really sweating even in the heat. However, the smell almost didn't matter. Of course, it has the deodorizing power of Maxi Fresh, but I think one of the reasons was that I had the habit of removing the belt and washing with water.

Murai:Care is very important if you want to use it for a long time. To put it simply, Maxi Fresh's function is to catch when ammonia is approaching because there are many small hands in the fiber. After that, it is close to water by a chemical reaction, but ammonia has the property of being soluble in water in the first place. For example, even if Maxi Fresh's hand has caught ammonia, it will return to its original form if washed with water. So you can catch it as many times as you like by washing it with water.

―― Is it only necessary to wash with water?

Murai:Yes, it's fine. You can use detergent, but please rinse well. Please note that if detergent is left, its components will remain in the fiber and its function will be reduced.

  • The tag has “MXP” logo and “CASIO” logo. It is irresistible for collaboration lovers. Band can keep functionality by washing in water

――Who do you want to deliver this product to?

Ushiyama:Speaking of PRO TREK users, I think that many users of cloth belt models so far have been light users. However, in some cases, wearing a fabric belt in the summer would make you avoid the smell. For such people, I really recommend products that eliminate the disadvantages and enjoy the goodness of cloth belts.

Murai:I also use the silicone belt PRO TREK for a long walk, but the cloth belt is less stuffy. It is a very favorite model personally because it has good skin familiarity. I don't mind the smell, so I want to use it outside of walking.

――If you ask the story in this way, it seems that it will become such a model that the common sense of the cloth belt changes greatly.

Ushiyama:Yes, we are very excited. Such collaboration models often end with a limitation, but this product has been decided to continue selling as a standard product. In addition, we have prepared special parts that can be hung on zack and pants using the same MXP material. In the case of hanging, it will soak in the water of the river besides sweat, so the unique odor when dry will be significantly reduced. Please look forward to it because it looks fashionable.

Murai:When MXP was launched, it was an era when it wasn't noisy yet, but recently it has come to mind both men and women. I think the product is perfect for such a social background. I hope that everyone will have this PRO TREK in hand and will be able to use it with care for a long time.

――I'm looking forward to the future of the PRO TREK × MXP collaboration model. Thank you very much!


The "PRW-60YBM-1AJF" combines the concepts of PRO TREK and MXP. The advanced features for outdoor sports and the disadvantages of cloth belts are eliminated, resulting in a wonderful product that only feels good. It will be on sale in November and will continue to increase the lineup so if you are interested, please check it out. There is no doubt that outdoor watches will have a new taste, so it is a product that is not only for mountaineers but also for casual users.

(PR) Provided by: Casio Computer

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