A 30-year-old man who has almost never drank coffee buys “convenience store coffee” for the first time / The most felt “for coffee beginners” among Famima, Lawson and Seven…

During the first 30 years of birth, the total amount of coffee consumed may be less than half a cup of coffee. The bitterness of the first drink was a bit like a trauma, and then I unknowingly avoided it.

I didn't drink coffee or smoke, and the only refreshing way I did at work was to eat crazy Mintia. However, the life of Mintia is about to reach its limit.

So it ’s cheap but reputableWe challenge convenience store coffee for the first timeI have decided this time. By the way,Products that felt the most for coffee beginnersI also chose it without permission.

·serious problem

For the first time, I thought that just one kind of coffee would not be enough,Familymart, Lawson, Seven Eleven storesWe decided to try and compare hot coffee. But here a serious problem emerged.

I don't know how to buy.

He used and defeated the convenience store innumerably, and despite having seen the coffee machine many times, he did not know how to buy coffee.

"I'm done with this project," he said once, but five minutes later, I remembered Google and searched online. As a result, in the case of hot coffee,Tell the desired product at the cash register, receive the cup and pour it with the machine"

By the way, in the case of ice cream, it seems that the mainstream is to take a cup of the desired product from the frozen case and bring it to the cash register, but it seems best to check each store.

・ Family Mart

In any case, you can't start without actually trying it. Ready for the moment. As a stage for my first challenge, I first got on a FamilyMart, which was usually combined with me.

Before checking out the machine before ordering at the cash register, an unexpected number of buttons appeared in sight.

Hot "Blend S Size", "Blend S Dark", "Blend M", "Blend M Dark", "Mocha Blend S", "Cafe Latte M", Ice S / M Size …Various menus and corresponding buttonsHowever, it is lined up in the vertical direction on both sides.

I was afraid of the intimidating feeling of seeing Senten Kannon for the first time, but I managed to calmly request the "Blend S size [100 yen]" which seems to be the most standard at the cash register and receive a cup.

Then, open the door at the bottom of the machine, set the cup, and press the "Blend S" button. But no reaction. "I'm sorry, what kind of thing do you keep pressing?" The machine started pouring coffee with a loud noise.

I was ashamed of being naive enough to stand out even a little rug, and waited until the four lamps showing the creation stage turned on. Soon afterSound of completionSounded, take out the heated cup.

Next to the machine,Lids and straws depending on the type of coffeeAnd so on. Sugar was also put, but this time through because I wanted to taste and compare purely.

Leave the store and look at the artifacts in your hands. I felt like I was jumping in the jump box for the first time, or swimming in the 25m pool for the first time.

Immediately speaking of coffee … bitter. But not unacceptable bitterness. Rather itClear and refreshing feelingIt feels like it is connected toRefreshing drinking spoutWas able to taste.

A sense of relief comes after a sense of achievement. If he was too bitter to drink, he would have been frustrated with saying, "This project is over." It was nice not to have the worst.

Every time you drink a bitter bitterness, it will clear not only your mouth but also your consciousness. Although it was still the first cup, I felt that many people touched on one of the reasons for seeking convenience coffee.

・ Lawson

Next, I chose Lawson, my favorite station, for the second stage.

Lawson I visited this time is not a self-style like Famima mentioned above,A form where the clerk makes coffee when orderingWas adopted.

It is helpful for an unfamiliar person like me to not have to make it myself. To be precise, instead of being saved, the inner voltage was rising, saying, "This is it!" I looked at the menu prepared at the cash register and asked for "Hot coffee S [100 yen]".

Receive the product made skillfully and leave the store. He said that he would compare the drinks, but when he wondered if the difference would be due to the convenience store, he drank and found that it gradually came out.

When you roll and taste on your tongue,Rich flavor from mellow tasteIs oozing. It's my subjective opinion, but what I say is that the "feeling of coffee" is one step higher than that of Famima. Just that muchI feel strong bitterness.

Famima is the easiest to drink. But Lawson's "Feeling of commitmentIs hard to throw away. If you look closely, it looks like something white, and it looks like coffee made by an expert.

Because she had no knowledge at all, she was described as being in full bloom, but she left the place with a second cup aside, thinking about the depth of convenience store coffee.

・ Seven-Eleven

The final stage of the third cup is a convenient 7-Eleven, which is usually close to me.

Like Famima,Hot coffee can be obtained by ordering at the cash register, receiving a cup, and pouring with a machineIt is like.

Ask for "Hot coffee regular [100 yen]", set the cup on the machine and press the button.

It's the road I've been through once, so I'll wait for coffee to be poured without moving. I feel a steady growth response. However, there is still room for training as other passengers are lined up behind and nervous.

After the completion sound was heard, he left the machine immediately and left the store with coffee. What is it like for the Big Bird Seven? When I drank it, it tasted as expected in a way.

Because maybe because I drank last,A very well-balanced finish with a bitterness and richness just between Famima and LawsonIt was felt. In other words, it was a very honorable student, and it was exactly the same as my image of Seven.

No matter what I bought, I thought it would be safe for Seven, but it was just this. The exclamation, "What a Seven-Eleven coffee!" Even if you are blindfolded and swallowed, you may know that it belongs to Seven. No, I lied. It may not be possible.

Anyway, it grows so muchOne article with a characteristic sense of stabilitywas. It was a valuable experience where you could even feel the prestige that the convenience store put on coffee.

・ General comment

That's why I have compared coffee drinking at three Famima Lawson Seven stores, and the impressions of each are summarized below.

A refreshing Famima

Mellow, flavorful Lawson

Balanced and stable Seven

And if you decide "the product you felt most for coffee beginners" from this,Famima coffee with the least bitternessI want to push. Is it Seven if you want a little more depth, or Lawson if you want to stretch your back?

Last but not least, I'd like you to receive what I wrote in this article as a personal opinion only for reference. That said, the things that came out of the comparison were exciting for me, and I'd be glad if you could see it.

Now that I have removed my trauma, I want to get closer to convenience store coffee. The trauma may have been such a fresh experience. Life is better than bitterness, coffee is better than bitterness.

Report:Daiki Nishimoto

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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