A 60-year-old HP “ atomic clock '' looks something like this, the state of actual operation is also released in the movie


A 60-year-old HP “ atomic clock '' looks something like this, the state of actual operation is also released in the movie

Of atoms and moleculesSpectral linesTicking the exact time usingAtomic clockIs a very accurate clock that is also used to define seconds. We are doing restorations of vintage computers to see how such atomic clocks actually workCuriousMarcHas published on YouTube.

HP 5061A Cesium Clock-YouTube [/ embed]

The luggage loaded on the car …

In the 1960sHP"5061A" atomic clock

At that time, it was used to set the time of laboratories around the world.

Einstein alsoRelativityIn speed difference and gravity differenceTime delay, But …

An atomic clock that was also used to verify that prediction.

5061A uses a vacuum tubeAtomic beam typeIs an atomic clock.

The atom used is cesium, the only non-radioactive oneStable isotopeCesium 133

It has a low boiling point of 28 ° C.

A mechanism that heats cesium atoms to create an atomic beam and measures the frequency to keep time.

CuriousMarc immediately inserted a power plug into the 5061A.

Adjust the instrument on the front panel to generate an atomic beam.

The 5061A specification should produce a 5MHz atomic beam, but measured below a value of 5MHz. "Perhaps because we haven't been able to fully heat the cesium yet," says CuriousMarc.

Wait a while and adjust the equipment again …

Green lamp is on. The atomic clock has been successfully locked on the atomic clock side.

The frequency exactly reaches 5MHz.

CuriousMarc purchased on eBay to check for errors in atomic clocksGPS synchronized frequency oscillatorAnd to compare the accuracy of the frequency.

oscilloscopeDisplays the waveforms of the atomic clock and the GPS-synchronous frequency oscillator …

Lissajous figureShow. Since the Lissajous figure is stationary, the phase difference has not changed, indicating that the frequency of the atomic clock has no error with respect to the frequency of the GPS-synchronized frequency oscillator.

As with the GPS-synchronized frequency oscillator, the HP counter "5334B" also showed a strong rotation of the Lissajous figure when compared to the atomic clock. There seems to be an error in the frequency of 5334B.

Adjust the 5334B so that the Lissajous figure is still and correct the error. According to CuriousMarc, the atomic clock "adjusted a completely crazy cheap clock".

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