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A ballpoint pen and a fountain pen are integrated. Compact multifunction pen "Eagle"-Engadget Japan version

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Features of the compact multifunction pen "Eagle":

🖊 An epoch-making structure that combines the two functions of a neutral ballpoint pen and a fountain pen. A unique design that changes the pen length by switching the pen tip.

🖊 Uses brass and titanium alloy, which is unique and has a high-class feel. You can enjoy changing the texture as you use it.

🖊 Uses ink with excellent writing quality, quick drying and storage stability. Cartridge type for easy replacement.

🖊 It also functions as a glass breaker when stored, useful for crime prevention and emergency. It also fits nicely in your chest pocket.

🖊 Luxury and unique materials and designs are perfect for gifts.

For work, study, everyday life…"Ballpoint pen" most often used in every scene.

A "fountain pen" that you can use for signs and letters of business documents, special notes and creations with a little special feeling.

Of course, two pens were needed to use these two properly…

Multicolor ballpoint pens and ball + mechanical pens are common, but the combination of ballpoint pens and fountain pens is structurally difficult.

However, not only has the combination of these two been realized, but it also has beauty, portability, and convenient functions due to the use of high-quality materials and unique designs and functions.Compact multi-function pen "Eagle"Was born!

With its unique separation design, two parts, a neutral ballpoint pen and a fountain pen, are realized by assembling parts instead of switching the pen tip.

The size of the fountain pen is 14.7cm, the ballpoint pen is 12.6cm, and the stored state is 9.2cm.

You can use a single writing mode that suits your taste, such as a ballpoint pen for everyday use and a fountain pen for autographs and special writing.

There are two types of materials: brass [brass] and titanium alloy. It features an elegant texture and appearance.

In particular, the texture of brass [brass] changes as you use it, and you can enjoy a vintage feeling.

The tip of the pen tip of the fountain pen and the lead of the ballpoint pen is F [about 0.5 mm].

You can easily replace the fountain pen ink and the lead of the ballpoint pen. The color of the included ink cartridge and refill is black.

Both adopt ink cartridges that are excellent in writing quality, quick drying, and storability, and place importance on not only the appearance and design, but also the original "writing character" function.

If you use up the included refills/cartridges, you can also use the refills/cartridges sold by other companies online to enjoy the fun of writing.

The nib of a ballpoint pen is determined by the lead core. You can also use different lead nibs with the same length.

Please note that the thickness of the pen tip of the fountain pen cannot be changed.

It has a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen, and is designed to be compact and portable.

Not only can you store it in a pen case or business bag, you can also quickly put it in your chest pocket and take it out quickly when needed.

It's nice to be able to adapt to any fashion with metal materials.

When stored, the cemented carbide part installed at the end functions as a glass breaker.

For emergency escape/rescue from automobiles and for self-defense… A pen that you can always carry around has been enhanced with a safe function.

△Please refer to the effect of the glass breaker.

A pen with a simple sense of luxury and individuality, functionality, and practicality will serve as a message of support and encouragement. It will be a gift that will be appreciated by both women and men.


● Employment/Change Job

● Birthday/anniversary

The combination of a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen is made of high-class materials, and you can use this special one as a lifestyle item or gift that you like!

Silver/titanium alloy


Q1: I forgot to close the cap for a long time, and the ink no longer comes out from the pen tip.

A1:Pen tip is clogged due to evaporation of water. The pen tip and the pen tip attachment part can be immersed in lukewarm water for 1 to 2 hours to dissolve the solidified ink, which can then be removed by the usual fountain pen cleaning method.

Q2: How do you maintain your daily life?

A2: Wipe gently with a soft dry towel. When cleaning the Titanium Pen, do not use a rough, sharp material to rub the surface of the Titanium Pen. Also, do not touch corrosive chemicals.

Q3: What is the standard for fountain pen and ballpoint pen ink cartridges?

A3:The ink cartridge of the fountain pen is a European standard size made by Schneider, and the ballpoint pen is M22 type made by LAMY of Germany. It can be purchased individually in the return part of this project. After the project is completed, you can purchase it on an online site such as Amazon.

Q4:Is it difficult to replace the ink cartridge?

A4:Fountain pen: Just like a normal fountain pen cartridge, you can use it by inserting it directly into the pen tip. Be careful not to stain the pen body with ink.

Ballpoint pen: Just insert the cartridge and assemble it as in the original state. Since very small spring parts are used, be careful not to lose them. If you lose the spring parts, you will not be able to use the ballpoint pen unless you get a spring of the same standard.

Q5: What if I drop it in water?

A5:Wipe the pen well to remove any water. The internal parts are difficult to dry, so please dry them for at least one day under natural wind and reassemble them before use.

August 7, 2020 Project start

September 28, 2020 Project end

Early November 2020-delivered to supporters


Founded in 2017, Yangdong Family Jungo Gold Products Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trading company engaged in R&D, production, OEM production and sales.

Equipped with modernized processing equipment and hardware, standardized 1,000 m2 production facility and scientific quality/quantity control system.

With a specialized market research team, new product development team, and experienced technical and production staff, the product sales area has expanded from Japan and South Korea to the United States.


We offer a wide range of electronic products, daily necessities, fashion accessories, bags, clothes, etc. under the theme of "enriching lifestyles".

We want to deliver products that have not been introduced to Japan yet, while being practical, functional, innovative, and individual, with excellent quality and reasonable prices! That is the wish of compassion.

We do our best to propose products that are not only simple to use, but also newer, more unique to you, and useful for realizing a fun lifestyle!

<Risk & Challenge>

■ If there is any defect in the delivered product, please contact us within 7 business days from the arrival of the product. We will replace all shipping and handling costs at our expense.

■Although we have thoroughly inspected, some of the small scratches peculiar to the material are not considered defective as part of the design.

■ The usability of the product depends on the individual. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the usability.

If the number of support exceeds the expectation, the shipping time may be delayed due to the manufacturing process, delivery work, etc.

■The design and specifications of the products under development may change.

■Because of the nature of crowdfunding, we kindly ask for your understanding and understanding in advance of the points above, and we ask for your continued support.


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