A battle-type card game “ Blade Rondo Lost Dream '' review that allows solo play that fights using swords and magic that became a beautiful girl


A battle-type card game “ Blade Rondo Lost Dream '' review that allows solo play that fights using swords and magic that became a beautiful girl

A card game that fights in the Gothic fantasy world of swords and magicBlade RondoThe fifth product in the seriesBlado Rondo Lost DreamAppeared on May 14, 2020. Although it is positioned as an "expanded version", it is said that you can play it alone, so I actually played the final version of the battle card game that can be played by not only two people but also one person.

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The Blade Rondo Lost Dream package looks like this.

The number of players is 1-2, the playing time is 10-20 minutes, and the target age is 8 years or older.

The contents are a manual and two player boards, two green, blue and red 10-sided dice, and two yellow and transparent life tokens.

Sword card and breathing card

Idea cards, Sodia cards, Veronica cards, Veronica cards used for solo play.

In addition, the first edition of Blade Rondo Lost Dream has been recorded in the past series, and a correction card with updated contents is also included again.

◆ I tried playing with two people

The basic rules are common to the Blade Rondo series and are explained in detail in the following articles.

A full-scale battle card game “ Blade Rondo '' review that can be played by one person who fights a beautiful girl with 7 swords-GIGAZINE

First, place the dice corresponding to each color on the player board's ATTACK (attack power), VOLTAGE (defense), and DEFFENCE (defense power), and place the yellow life stone in the box of life point "15".

Then, place two types of breathing method cards, "Heating method" and "Protection method", in front of the player board.

Shuffle 40 sword cards and deal 15 to each player. Each player chooses 7 cards from his 15 cards. The remaining cards will not be used in the game, so keep them private and place them elsewhere.

The turn is performed in the order of “turn start phase”, “action phase”, and “turn end phase”. In the Turn Start Phase, move the green dice and increase the voltage by 1.

Then, in the "Action Phase", you can use the cards as long as the total cost does not exceed your voltage. For example, on the first turn, the voltage is 1, and by placing the "heating method" with a cost of 1 in the play area (before the player board), you can increase the attack power by 1. Attack power affects the damage of physical attacks, so it is important to steadily increase each turn.

The blessing law is a card that "the paid cost becomes the defense power as it is". For example, if the voltage goes up to 5 and you use all the costs for the protection law …

Your defense power becomes 5. Defense reduces damage from physical attacks from your opponent.

In the Action Phase, you can use not only two types of breathing cards but also a sword card in your hand. Most blade sword cards in the Blade Rondo series use either a physical attack or a magical attack, but most of the "Blade Rondo Lost Dream" this time is a sword card that issues a physical attack.

For example, the "one-sided striking stake" played by the first player is a physical attack card that has the additional effect of "discard one card to discard it." Blade Rondo cannot replenish your hand, so the effect of reducing your opponent's hand is quite strong.

"Angry Spear" is a card that deals 2 damage to your opponent in addition to a physical attack. The damage caused by physical attack will be reduced by the opponent's defense power, but since "damage" is added, the angry spear is a card that can definitely damage even if the opponent's defense power is high.

The "bukkake-claw" that the first attack was launched with a returning sword launched a physical attack and at the same time activated the effect of "reducing the cost required for the opponent's action in the next turn by 1".

In response to this, the second attack was issued by "Spring Fugue", which is a card that can recover 2 lives that have been lost due to physical attacks. In addition, "If you inflict 4 or more damage to your opponent, instead of discarding it, you gain 3 life," and "give" the effect. Place the cards to which the effect is applied in the set area (on the left side of the player board).

On the next turn, the second attack pays 2 additional costs and puts out a flapping blade that allows you to perform a magical attack of 4 damage in addition to the normal physical attack. At the cost of the additional effect, you will also receive 4 damage, but the effect of "Spring Fugue" that came out in the previous turn restores 3 life, so only 4-3 = 1 damage is reduced.

However, the first attack activates the "tied chain heavy arm". It is a card that increases the physical attack damage by 3, and deals great damage to your opponent.

In the next turn, the first player will summon the "Lottery to engrave" and place it in the set area. This effect is "win if you have more life at the beginning of the turn than your opponent".

For the second attack that I do not want to lose my life, the moment I was attacked by a heavy chained arm, I activated the response card "Jade of Interference Rejection" that was lying down the previous turn, and reduced the damage. The response card is a card that you activate by responding to an attack from your opponent by placing it face down.

However, deciding that the opponent's onslaught is tough, the latter player decided to use the protection method to increase the defense power to 7 at once.

In the next turn, activate "Beyond the Rainbow", which means "You can choose between physical attack, magic attack, and life 2 recovery." While recovering life, I will go down the life of the first player with a magic attack. However, I couldn't fill the open life gap, and the first player's victory was confirmed by the effect of "Engrave Lament".

◆ I played with one person

Single player is "battle against the action written on the card", which is almost the same as the solo play mode of the Blade Rondo series so far. However, the procedure is a little different, and the player wins or loses by performing two games in the "early battle" and two games in the "decision battle".

In "Initial War", draw one from the five idea cards and fight against it.

This Natalie is a card that starts from the 3rd turn, and it is a fairly strong enemy to perform "physical attack" "magic attack 2" "life 2 recovery" every turn. In addition, a slightly strange response effect will be activated, "all odd-numbered attacks are invalidated."

If you defeat the idea card, you can get a sodia card. Two pieces of Sodia, Maria and Sonya, also appeared in the story of Blade Rondo. You can get one each time you win the first battle, and the first battle ends when you have two. Maria and Sonya are reliable friends who automatically attack at the beginning of every turn if they meet the conditions, and will substitute when life is exhausted.

The final battle is to confront the players with Maria and Sonya in the final battle. Veronica in the final chapter summons his subordinates on the 1st, 3rd and 5th turns.

The subordinates who are summoned activate the effect every Veronica's start phase and automatically attack, so if you do not challenge carefully with a careful strategy, it will be done in no time.

Even if you win once in the decisive battle, Veronica will face it as "the final Veronica". Be sure to play and see for yourself what kind of ending you will have when you completely defeat Veronica.

Blade Rondo Lost Dream is mainly composed of physical attack cards, and there are very few cards that can do magical attacks that can ignore defense power, so it is an impression that you need to play while carefully considering both attack and defense. Of course, by mixing the cards of the conventional series, the game will expand further. With two players, I had the impression that it would be settled by turn 9, and at the longest it took about 20 minutes for one game to progress smoothly.

The solo play mode was quite difficult, and I played three times, but although I was able to clear the opening battle, I could not survive the decisive battle with Veronica. It seems that the solo play will be quite busy because it is necessary to handle the opponent himself, but "Veronica and his subordinates will attack like this in the next turn, so if you take measures like this in this turn …" Shogi Shogi You can enjoy it like.

Blade Rondo Lost Dream is 2970 yen including tax and can be purchased at

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