A blockbuster board game RPG “ Groom Haven '' that can challenge more than 100 impregnable dungeons A fierce fight report of about 9 hours


A blockbuster board game RPG “ Groom Haven '' that can challenge more than 100 impregnable dungeons A fierce fight report of about 9 hours

A super heavyweight board game RPG boasting about 6 kg of rice and weighing about 9 kgGroom Haven"Is a game boasting a volume that is unlikely to be a board game with more than 100 scenarios that take 30 to 120 minutes per game. Groom Haven was challenged by four editorial staff to find out what grand adventure awaits.

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The Groomhaven opening ceremony packed in a huge box is described in the following article.

Opening ceremony of a super-heavy-class RPG board game “ Groomhaven Complete Japanese Version '' weighing about 9 kg & playing time estimated more than 100 hours

◆ Setup

First of all, from the setup to start the game. Start with the first dungeon "Kuromorizuka" on page 3 of the scenario booklet. The scenario booklet is a ring notebook, which is convenient because it does not require much space even if it is opened during game play.

Prepare terrain tile, overwrite tile, monster coma, monster data sheet, monster data sleeve, monster ability card, attack modification card, item card, city event card, outdoor event card, personal quest Card, combat mission card, reference card, HP / XP dial.

Prepare tiles to serve as dungeon bases. The black mound mound consists of three tiles.

Create one dungeon by connecting the uneven parts of the tile.

When all are connected, it looks like this.

Next, prepare pieces, tokens and cards to be placed on the board. It is convenient to collect the tokens in a case that can be purchased at a 100 yen shop or the like.

There are two types of monsters: normal monsters and advanced monsters. Normal monsters use white tops and advanced monsters use yellow tops.

The monster data sheet with the stats of each monster is inserted into the monster data sleeve so that the same number as the scenario level can be seen. This time, we will play at scenario level 0, so let's see 0.

The white part on the left is the normal monster, and the yellow part on the right is the advanced monster's ability. From the top, HP, movement, attack, and range are shown.

In addition, a monster card that determines the behavior of the monster is prepared for each monster.

Then set up item cards, city event cards and outdoor event cards in play. The types of item cards and event cards that can be used increase or decrease depending on the progress of the game.

◆ I actually played

Groom Haven progresses through the following five major events.

◆ 1: Character selection
◆ 2: Events in town
◆ 3: Outdoor events
◆ 4: Dungeon search
◆ 5 : Itinerary

◆ 1: Character selection

First, the player selects the character to use. At the start of the game, you can select from the left six spellweavers, Skaundarell, Craghart, Mind Thief, Brute, and Tinker. Players select characters without opening the box. Other characters can be used if the game progresses and certain conditions are met.

Only the brute is obviously a big box. seems strong.

This time, we will play with four editorial staff. Choose your favorite box …

Spellweaver, Skaundaller, Brute, and Tincollar will form a party. You can see that the size of the character pieces is not constant, and that the largest brute and the smallest tinker are quite different in height.

Take out the character board, character record paper, character ability card, and character token from the letter-like box.

In addition, each player will be given an attack modification card and an HP / XP dial. The HP / XP dial is a counter that measures the character's HP (left) and experience value (right). If you run out of HP, you will be unable to act, and if you accumulate experience, you can level up your character and increase your HP.

Character levels also affect which character ability cards you can choose. For example, a tin-color character ability card looks like this. There are 31 in the letter-like box …

Only the number of cards written on the upper right of the character board can be used as a hand while the scenario is in progress.

In the initial state of level 1, you can only select cards marked "1" or "X". As you level up, you can add stronger cards to your hand.

After selecting a character, the player draws two personal quest cards, checks the contents, and selects one.

What is written on this card is why each character is adventuring. For example, the adventurer who draws the following card has a life goal of "saving 200 gold". If you succeed in saving 200 gold in the game, you will lose your sense of adventure because you have achieved your life goals and you will retire.

Players who lose their character will be required to use a new character according to the instructions on their personal quest card. Whether you're a character raised over Teshio or a character you love, if you complete a personal quest, you're goodbye. However, the pleasure of opening the sealed box is also waiting.

After selecting a character and drawing cards, the tabletop looks like this. I feel like I've finished a job even though nothing has started yet. Playing Groom Haven takes up a couple of tatami mats of space, so playing in a small room seems pretty tough.

◆ 2: Events in town

Once the character is decided, the partyAimaga Port(Groom Haven)Move to city. "Is Groom Haven meant Aimaga Port …?"

While in Aimaga Port city, you can draw one card from the city's event card and choose to execute or ignore the written content. Each event card has a different event and each event has one of two choices. For example, in the event of the following card, the event "Drunkenness went out in the tavern" would choose between "Ranking together" or "Stop".

According to the opinion, "Let's get rid of drunks" and "I can't drink and get drunk even if I leave drunks anyway!" However, as a result, the barkeeper was forced to seek compensation. Despite gaining experience, you lose gold or fame.

The party members who got angry with the drunkard said, "I don't need fame. Only money is everything." For this reason, we chose to lower our fame by one. Fame is managed on the party sheet and can affect prices or affect certain events.

After the city event, go to the gear shop to get your equipment ready. At first, you can buy your favorite from 14 kinds of items. Since the default money is 30 gold, you will need to select items that can be purchased within 30 gold.

The number written in the red frame is the price of the item.

◆ 3: Outdoor events

After shopping, I want to leave for the dungeon as soon as possible, but there are always outdoor events along the way. Outdoor events, like city events, draw one card from the mountain of outdoor event cards. The flow of events is almost the same as for city events. In the event below, "The rock was hit by a rock," so select "Remove rock" or "Turn back and go around." It was decided to "remove the rocks" by saying, "It's troublesome to take a detour!"

However, it seemed that it was a huge rock that could not compete with the power of Brute, and four people managed to destroy the rock by joining together. As a result, everyone was exhausted before arriving in the dungeon, and lost two cards. It seems that it could be avoided if there was a clag heart at the party.

◆ 4: Dungeon search

Overcome a sad outdoor event and finally arrive in the dungeon. Dungeons are separated by door tiles for each room, and tiles are placed only in the room where the player is entering. First, place a monster piece in the first room.

The initial position of the player piece is specified in the scenario booklet.

Each person places his figure. It is a formation that has a high HP and a hard defense brute and a scenic barrel that shows a tricky movement in front, and a spellweaver and tin collar that are good at long range attacks and a rear guard.

At the start of the dungeon search, each player draws two cards from the combat mission card pile, checks the contents, and selects one.

In the case of the following cards, you can get the check mark written at the bottom if you have completed the battle mission "Acquire experience value 13 XP or more" when clearing the dungeon. Collecting checkmarks enhances the content of the attack modifier card, which affects the character's attack power, and provides additional points that are advantageous for battle.

Dungeon search is performed by repeating a series of flows called "rounds". The round is divided into the following four steps.

・ Card selection steps
・ Steps to determine action order
・ Step of turn
・ Management steps

Card selection stepsNow, the player selects two cards from his hand and decides whether it is a "primary card" or a "secondary card" respectively.

Card selection is done secretly for each player, and is kept down until the next step. According to the rules, it is OK to talk about ambiguous contents such as "Use a healing card" or "Let's defeat some with a long-range attack", but "Support since we will attack with an attack power of 3" It is NG to talk about the specific contents of the card such as "Make the action ranking number larger than 16."

Once the card is decided,Action ranking decision stepAnd release it to other players at once. Lay the primary card on the secondary card so that the card is not completely visible. The smaller the value of the "action order number" written in the center of the main card, the faster the action can be performed.

A monster ability card is released at the same time as the player's card is released. The number at the top right of the card is the monster's action order. The actions of the player and the monster proceed in order from the one with the smallest number.

Step of turnThen, the player executes the actions written in the boxes in the upper row and the lower row in the two cards, in ascending order of action number. For example, in the case of the following card, you can select "attack of experience value 2 which can stun the opponent with attack power 4" and "attack of range 1 which can cure someone for 2HP". Neither the upper row nor both the lower row can be executed.

The cards reflect the characteristics of each character. For example, in the case of the Scout Darrell, there are many cards with a small action order and can move quickly. In addition, there are many techniques that increase the attack power when the enemy and the ally are adjacent, and it is a type that can stab the enemy at a stretch at the end of the game.

Brute has a card that grants armor to add defense, and has a high initial health, so he can get out to the front and act as a shield.

We decided to discuss a party at the dungeon rush and decide on a strategy, "Bluto attracts enemy attacks, and other characters perform supportive fire at long distances."

When attacking, draw an attack modifier card, and the attack power will fluctuate according to the value that comes out. In the case of the following cards, the attack power is "+1".

Choosing a good card is often ruined by attack modifier cards. "I'll kill you instantly with a card with an attack power of 5!"

Damage is invalid if you draw a yellow "none" card. My precious card has been wasted.

In addition, the card with the red frame mark is a card where you can get experience value by the number of numbers written on the mark. Characters can level up by accumulating experience points, but they also need to accumulate 45 points of experience points from level 1 to level 2. Groom Haven, unlike the RPG of computer games, does not get experience value when you defeat enemies, it is a mechanism that gets experience value according to action, so it is quite painful to fail to get experience value hand.

If you deal damage or condition to an enemy, place a damage token or condition token on the monster data sleeve.

If you set the enemy's HP to 0 …

The enemy is replaced by the old money token. If you get the old money token, you can take it home and redeem it. However, the old money token is not a party's common property but a player's property, so if you do not pick up the token properly, you will not be able to buy items and equipment for the next scenario. It is also important to sneak out your friends and collect tokens while working with your friends to clear the dungeon.

You can open the door and proceed to the next room by stepping on the door tile in the red frame.

When the door opens, the monsters in that room are placed, so you may come across a scene that just says "monster house!"

Management stepsNow put the cards you've used on the left side of the character board or on the lost side on the right. By performing the action "Small Rest", you can send one of the cards discarded to the discarded mountain to the lost mountain and return the other discarded mountain cards to your hand.

Cards marked with a red frame are sent to the Lost Mountain. Cards cannot be recovered from the Lost Mountains except in special cases. If the number of cards in your hand and discarded mountain is less than one, the player will be unable to act, so use cards as much as possible to avoid sending cards to the lost mountain.

When playing Scenario 1, the cards run out before the deepest part of the dungeon because the cards suddenly went to the lost mountain. When it was said that it would be strange that the card would be gone so quickly, I reviewed the rules and found that the card actually had a default action (page 18 of the manual).

The default action is the effect written on the left side of the card. The upper row is attack 2 and the lower row is movement 2. Performing the default action discards the card, so you do not lose it. If you activate powerful effects and abilities unique to the character, you will lose the card at a stretch and you will not be able to clear the dungeon. You need to reduce the number of cards and play the game while paying attention to the remaining amount of cards.

On the way, the spellweaver that had wiped out the enemy with remote magic dropped out and the party's firepower dropped sharply, but the remaining members managed to annihilate the enemy who was in the third room, dungeon clear.

The rules of Groom Haven are very complicated, and it is like playing a roguelike program manually. All players participating in the play will read the instructions and the play will proceed smoothly on a step-by-step basis, so prepare copies of notes and notes for the number of people and make sure that you understand the rules before playing. It is good to give priority. In this play, he was wiped out twice to capture the black mound mound, and was finally cleared with his third honesty. It took eight hours just to complete scenario 1 including the time for members to understand the rules.

However, there was no boss thief in the black prime mound. The party progresses to Scenario 2 dungeon "Roost of the Moundzuka". It's a different map from Kuromorizuka, and it has a lot of small rooms.

In addition, the roost of the mound mound has a "curse" effect, and you must add three "null" cards that disable the attack to the pile of attack modifier cards. There are only 10 cards with a curse of "None", so if you play with 4 people, consult with them and add 3 curse cards and 2 add 2 curse cards.

The bow room greets you in the first room.

There was a boss ahead of the archer. The boss is hiding behind an obstacle, "Sarcophagi", and thinking, "What a miserable boss."

"Special Action 1" is activated on the monster ability card.

In special action 1, the boss moves to each door tile and opens the door. Three monsters hidden under the door have been newly added. If the boss keeps pulling Special Action 1 in a row, the doors of all the small rooms will be opened, and a large number of monsters may be generated. That's why the party decided to use the strategy of "killing the boss first".

And the boss's physical strength is a special value of “8 × C”. When I flipped through the instructions, "What is C !?", it was written in the instructions (page 32) that C indicated the number of characters. This time we have 4 characters, so our physical strength is 32.

However, the boss at the door cannot be moved by party members or monsters in the room. Adventurers try to beat the octopus and shave the poor, poorly bandited bandits. This is exactly the strategy of the adventurer who took advantage of the narrowness of the dungeon.

The following abilities triggered Skaundaler in such a situation. Since the boss, the thief, is adjacent to Brute, Skaunderell activates 3 + 2 = 5.

In addition, the Scout Darrell doubles its attack power due to its sustained effect from the previous turn, so its attack power doubles to 5 x 2 = 10. Although it does not have armor like brute or powerful ranged attacks like spellweaver, the tricky of Scoutarel with a lot of special skills led to great damage brilliantly

The boss sinks in no time. The rest of the enemies were also able to beat down quickly and capture the roost of the mound mound in about 40 minutes.

◆ 5 : Itinerary

The purpose of the party at the Kurosumizuka is "to destroy the enemy". You lose if you get stuck in the dungeon, and you win if you achieve your goal. Whether defeated or won, the party returns to Aimaga Port city once.

Even if you lose, your experience will remain and your old money tokens will be exchanged for money, so you can re-equip the city. Even if you lose several times, you can level up with experience and get stronger, collect money and collect items and try the dungeon again. It seems that you can play in the dungeon just to make money.

◆ Save

Most games have a save. Groom Haven needs to save because the total play time is over 100 hours and cannot be played for several days.

Character recording paper and party recording paper are provided to save the character's level, money, items, and progress. The voice of the editorial staff saying "The save function of the game is amazing …" is leaked while drawing the money possessed, the experience value acquired, and the items possessed.

The best thing to do is leave the dungeon tiles, character boards, and tokens out of the way, but there aren't many homes where you can leave a few tatami mats scattered around. Some homes get angry with their mom if left undisturbed, while others will lose their footsteps.

Unfortunately, the boxes that store a large number of tokens do not come with Groom Haven, so you need to purchase them or make your own. The following image is a storage case bought at a 100 yen shop, and it seems that all tokens and cards can be stored if it is around 1000 yen.

It may be a good idea to store item cards, which change in number depending on the progress, and city and outdoor event cards, individually in bags. The contents of the attack correction card and character ability card change depending on the progress of the game for each character, so it is likely that storing the cards for each character will make it easier to restart the game.

As the game progresses, new dungeons will be released and more items will be available for purchase. Also, as the character grows, the skills that can be used increase, so it is a game where you can play with excitement, "What will happen next?" However, the changes in abilities due to the growth of the character are small, and it is recommended that the same player always proceed with the game, and it is a bit difficult for adults to continue playing with multiple people.

After about nine hours of fierce fighting, we were able to capture two scenarios. Although it took time to understand the rules, if you do not work out a strategy, it can be wiped out, so you need to spend some time on the game. There are about 100 scenarios, so even if you play one scenario once a week, it will take about 2 years to capture. Groomhaven's appeal is that it will be completely different in the same game scenario, depending on the decision of the party, the growth of each player, the action you choose, and the fact that you can get rare items.

Groom Haven can play alone, so even if it is difficult to gather people, or if there are no friends who play board games together, Groom Haven can be enjoyed equally. We'll be releasing the one-player game later, so stay tuned.

"Groom Haven @ Complete Japanese Version" is a board game information siteBodgemaIt is handled at 33,000 yen including tax on various mail order sites.

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