A board game “ Wingspan '' play review that makes a beautiful bird and create “ bird paradise ''


A board game “ Wingspan '' play review that makes a beautiful bird and create “ bird paradise ''

A board game that creates a bird paradise consisting of 170 kinds of birds, using beautiful artwork, bait box type dice tower, dedicated dice etc.Wingspan"is. In 2019, it was a remarkable work that won the Grand Prize in the Expert Award of the Annual Game Awards in Germany, a board game powerhouse, so I actually played the Japanese version in the editorial department.
Wingspan Complete Japanese Version | ArclightGames Official

Wingspan is a package that is so large and heavy that it is difficult to lift with one hand. Flapping greatlyTiger flyIs drawn.

The number of players is 1-5, the target age is over 10 years old, the expected play time is 40 minutes to 70 minutes.

The package contains bird cards, bonus cards, card trays, token / purpose tile sheets, personal boards, instructions, egg tokens, action pieces, and special dice.

"Bird card" is literally a bird card. Players protect these birds and make their nature reserve a bird paradise.

Of the 914 birds found in North America, 170 are collected in Wingspan. Therefore, a considerable number of bird cards.

A “bonus card” is a card that describes the individual goals of each player. Victory points are achieved by achieving the conditions written on the card.

"Target tile" is a common goal for all players. At each game break, each player gets a victory point according to the conditions of the target tile.

An “egg token” is needed to bring birds to your nature reserve. There are 5 different colors, but there is no difference depending on the color.

The prey of the bird card is a “food token”. From the left, "fruit", "fish", "invertebrates", "rodents", and "seed", birds can only eat a certain amount of food.

This is a prefabricated “feed box type dice tower” where birds come to eat.

Assemble according to the instructions …

It looks like this when completed.

There is a hole on the back to insert a special die.

When you roll the dice, it rolls inside and comes out to the bottom like this. Each player gets bird food from here.

The state of actually putting it in is as follows.

Feeding box type dice tower of “ Wingspan '' looks something like this-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

Wingspan enriches his or her nature reserve, and the person who wins the most victory points from bird cards, bonus cards, spawned eggs and stored food wins.

So, I will play it. First, place an egg token, bird card, bait token, bait box type dice tower within reach of everyone.

Three bird cards are placed face up from the deck on the card tray.

"Target board" is a board that shows the victory points for each round.

Select a target tile at random and set it in each round. At the end of each round, the ranking is determined according to the number of bird cards you have placed and the number of egg tokens placed on the bird card, and you will get victory points. In addition, there are 8 turns in the 1st round, but the number of turns gradually decreases to 7/6/5 in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.

At the start of the game, each player will be given 5 bonus cards, 2 action cards, 7 action tokens, 5 bird cards, and 1 bait token.

Bird cards have different abilities, but the “ability” in the red frame in the image below is important. Cards marked as “When activated” can be used any number of times as long as each action is executed.

The ability marked “When Playing” is activated only once when you bring the bird to your sanctuary.

The ability to “once until the next turn” is an ability that automatically activates when another player takes a specific action. Wingspan has no direct interference with other players, so the main effect is that other players get themselves when they get an egg / food token. Although it is a powerful ability, it can only be activated once per turn.

Some birds have no ability.

Birds without abilities have excellent basic abilities, such as high victory points (red frame) obtained by calling them into their protected areas.

First of all, the player selects as many “Leave Bird Cards” as he wants from the five bird cards. According to the instructions, “The ability at startup” is particularly effective! ”American owlSelect.

Choose the one that will keep the bait tokens in your hand so that the total number of bird cards and bait tokens left in your hand is "5". This time I left rodents, invertebrates and fruits.

Next, choose one of the two bonus cards. This time, if the number of “falconer” cards, “Two points for each bird card with“ predation ”ability” and “number of bird cards that live only in“ wetlands ”” are 3 to 4, It was a “wetland researcher” card with 3 points and 7 points for 5 or more.

The American owl has the ability of “predation”, so we decided to choose “falconer”.

Each player will also be given a “personal board”. The back of the personal board is designed like leather.

When you open it, you will see "My Protected Area". In order from the top, habitats according to the bird's ecology are depicted: "forest", "meadow", and "wetland".

This completes the preparation. Let's actually start playing. Wingspan's instructions are polite and easy to understand, and the rules that make you think "I don't understand this interpretation well" are explained in detail. Also, on the English version of the official pageHow to play movieIt is also possible to check the actual “game progress”.

Decide the parent and turn the order clockwise. On your turn, you can perform four types of actions: “Play Bird Card”, “Get Food from Feeder Box”, “Spawn on Bird Card”, and “Get Bird Card”. After each action is done once, it ends the turn, so you cannot do more than one action in one turn.

The “action token” is a frame that makes it easier for other players to understand that “this action is performed” when performing an action. Each player has its own color. First, place an action token and execute "Play Bird Card".

“Playing bird cards” is “putting bird cards from your hand into your protected area”. At this time, look at the habitat drawn in the upper left of the bird card and place the bird card in the corresponding habitat. American owls can only live in forests. In addition, bird cards will be left-aligned in each habitat.

Pay the food drawn on the card when you put the bird card into the forest. To feed American owls in their protected area, you need one rodent token. "Bird card play" ends the turn when you place a bird card in play.

As a result of releasing the American Owl, tokens of the tiger fly, invertebrate and fruit remained. You don't have a single invertebrate token to bring the bigbird to your protected area with "Bird Card Play".

Therefore, perform your turn “Get food”. Feeding can be performed in the “forest”. An American owl has already been placed on the leftmost square, so you will get food according to the instructions on the square in the red box next to it. The trout was "Acquire a bait token indicated by the dice. In addition, you can discard one hand and gain another bait token indicated by the dice."

Acquire a dice from the bait box type dice tower and obtain a corresponding bait token.

In addition, in the actions of “Get food”, “Spawning”, and “Bird card”, it is possible to activate the “Activated” ability of the already arranged bird cards in order from the right. This time, check the top card of the American Owl “bird mountain”. If the wing length of the bird is less than 75cm, insert the bird under this bird. The ability to “throw away” was activated.

Follow the instructions and check the top card of the deck.Komatsu thrushwas.

The Komatsugumi had a wingspan of 75cm, so it was "preyed" by the American owl. The predated Komatsu thrush is inserted face down under the American owl. The number of cards inserted is also counted as victory points.

One of the characteristics of wingspan is that when an action is selected, all of the “startup” abilities of the already placed bird cards are activated. As shown in the image below, if you have five birds with “startup” ability in the forest, all bird abilities are activated in order from the right. In the case of the image below, a combination of all abilities, a powerful combination that can obtain up to 3 seeds, 1 invertebrate, and 1 fruit.

However, if you place a bird card in the second row of forests, grasslands, and swamps, you will need an egg token as an additional cost.

In such a case, execute the “spawn on the bird card” action that can earn egg tokens.

The acquired egg tokens are placed on the bird cards that are already arranged. Birds already living in the reserve will lay their eggs and enrich the reserve. If you pay an egg token as an additional cost, you will consume an egg token placed on any bird.

Also, the number of egg tokens that can be placed on each bird card is limited by the card. This number is proportional to "the number of eggs that the bird actually lays". The maximum number of installations is 1 to 6, so the tiger fly in the image is a "bird that does not lay so many eggs".

When you want to draw a bird card, such as when you have 0 bird cards at hand, you can get a bird card.

In “Acquiring Bird Cards”, you can add three cards in the card tray or a specified number of cards from your deck to the hand.

Each player expands their protected area by “playing a bird card”, “obtaining food from a feeding box”, “spawning on a bird card”, “acquiring a bird card”.

The round ends when the specified number of turns has elapsed. Victory points are earned according to the purpose set for each round, such as the number of bird cards placed in the reserve. If there are players with the same rank, the victory points are divided by the number of players and then distributed.

At the end of each round, the three cards in the card tray are discarded and three new cards are arranged from the deck.

When you actually play, the strategy you can take will change considerably depending on the situation, such as the bird card you got. If there is an editorial staff specializing in "laying eggs" and trying to earn victory points by the number of egg tokens …

Some editorial staff specialize in “obtaining food” by arranging bird cards in the forest. If you activate the ability of the bird cards lined up with Zurat, it feels quite refreshing.

On the other hand, if you place cards with abilities other than "Startup" like this, the bird's abilities will not be activated even if you execute the corresponding action. “Playing” cards can trigger powerful effects when they enter play, but they are weak in the long run.

The results of three editorial staff fighting in Gachinko are as follows. Even if I played multiple times, there was not much difference.

One of the factors that makes playing feel comfortable is that the wingspan does not have an element of being “disturbed by others”. But,Hashiguro Abbi“ Each player with the least number of birds in the wetland will get a card for other players '' such as the ability to acquire one bird card, so you may be disadvantaged indirectly .

One of the highlights is the visual beauty of each component.

The set bird abilities are in line with the real life of birds …

Each card has tips and tricks written on it, so it's a must-see for the Atori family. Even those who are not familiar with birds will be interested in birds just by looking at them.

Depending on the card you draw, the strategy will change drastically, so the development will change each time you play and the replay will be highly attractive. On the other hand, there is an impression that depends on luck to some extent. Also, the box shows a play time of 40-70 minutes, but it took about 3 hours to play while checking the effects of the cards with five editorial staff.

There is also a “one-player mode” for people who have difficulty getting board games with friends.

In single-player mode, you follow a simplified rule and fight against "automatic" opponents who earn bird cards and eggs at a faster pace than humans and earn points. There is also a manual for single mode.

Basically the same except that the opponent has made it manual. The highest difficulty level of the automa scored quite quickly, so it took both ability and luck to defeat it.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for Wingspan is 6500 yen, excluding tax, but it was sold at the market place at 10,500 yen including tax at the time of article creation, due to lack of goods.

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