A book to enjoy the elegance of Carrozzeria Vignale

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Vignale-Masterpieces of Style
A collection of photographic materials introducing the work of Vignale, one of the earliest independent Carrozzeria that opened a brand, while improving his skills as a body panel craftsman at the historic body shop "Stabilimenti Farina" where talented people gather.

The feature of this book series is that the back story, such as the background of the founder A. Vignale and the state of the workshop, is moderately focused on introducing the work itself. In addition to Alfa Romeo and Ferrari that were coach-built with G. Michelotti who was a friend from the training period, Fiat and Daihatsu show car, Maserati mass production car and a final shooting shoot based on Ferrari, stylish Many are recorded from masterpieces to unique works.

Although there are some unrecorded works, photos in good condition are used as much as possible, and studio photography gravure is used as part of the existing model, and it is a book to enjoy the style.

In addition to this book, many famous Carrozzeria series have also been made into a series, so please check that as well.

Price: 9,856 yen (tax included)
Author: Luciano Greggio (Author)
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore
Hardcover / W246 × H277 / monochrome color / 192P / English
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