A candid impression of using "Rakuten UN-LIMIT" for one month only with data communication! The result of using it over the internet, movies and games

Rakuten Mobile launched "Rakuten UN-LIMIT 2.0" on April 8, 2020. This is a service that the monthly fee of 2980 yen is free for one year, and there is no upper limit for data communication in areas such as urban areas where Rakuten lines can be used. You can make unlimited calls using "Rakuten Link" [Android application]. It's truly an Unlimit service.

Although there is no upper limit, it seems that if you use too much data, it will affect the speed a little, but what is it really? ‥After a month of data communication using Rakuten's line only … it was more comfortable than I expected!I am very thankful for this one year free.

・ Voice is Docomo, data is Rakuten

My terminal purchased at Apple at the end of April,iPhone SE supports "dual SIM".. This means that you can use two lines. One line is a Docomo line that has been using the same number for over 20 years. The other is Rakuten's line that was signed at the end of April. DoCoMo will use voice calls as the main line and Rakuten will use the sub lines for data communication.

・ DoCoMo's data usage in May ……

Up to April, my line status was that a campaign with + 30GB attached to DoCoMo's Gigaho [30GB] was applied. If you have 60GB, it is safe for the time being. I thought that, as a result of watching movies and trying live distribution,60GB exceeded just before the end of April, and I bought 1GB [1000 yen]Of. I wanted to use my house's Wi-Fi, but I'm late so I can't watch the video properly … No more than 60GB.

In May, I used data communication only on Rakuten lines. Therefore, the data communication volume of DOCOMO that was 60GB last month was …

0.01G [33KB], small!

I remember doing some data communication with Docomo for some reason. I was using only 33KB at that time.By the way, as of May 31, it was confirmed that there was still 60GB remaining.is doing.

・ Results of misuse of movies, anime, live distribution, games, etc.

By the way, I summarized below what kind of data communication I did during the month of May.

■ Monday-Friday, writing articles from 10 am to 6 pm
■ Daily surfing
■ Sometimes delivered live on YouTube [minimum 20 minutes to maximum 2 hours: 8 times in total] ■ Watch Evangelion Movie “Break” and “Q” [YouTube] ■ All 26 episodes of the TV anime version Evangelion [Amazon Prime video] ■ Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie version Air / Makoto, to you [Amazon Prime video] ■ Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Version EVANGELION: DEATH [TRUE] 2 [Amazon Prime video] ■ Purchased the PC game "BeamNG.drive" [Steam] ■ Purchased the PC game "Saints Row: The Third" [Steam] ■ Purchased the PC game "Saints Row IV" [Steam]

Roughly like this. I am living a good life even if I say that I am online. Roughly calculating the data usage … If you watch a movie with standard image quality per one [2 hours] and the amount of data communication is 2GB,8GB for watching 4 movies.. Assuming that the amount of communication of the standard image quality for one episode of animation is 500 MB,13 GB for 26 episodes.. The amount of data in each game20GB of "BeamNG.drive",10GB each for "Saints Row: The Third" and "Saints Row IV"..

It can be calculated simply, but it also uses 61GBIt will be. In addition, I usually work and surf the internet. Data communication is also carried out on YouTube's live distribution. There is no doubt that I used a mess of traffic anyway. In a word, that impression …


I didn't feel much stress, and basically I was able to use it comfortably.However, the speed became slow immediately after downloading a game with a large amount of data or performing live distribution for more than 2 hours... When I was continuing data communication over a certain amount, I sometimes felt that the speed had decreased until about 24:00 on that day. However, when the days passed, it returned to the original speed.

For the time being, 2980 yen per month is free for the past year, so I would like to continue using the data line as Rakuten. I'll think about whether or not to continue using it in the future one year later.

Reference link:Rakuten Mobile,Docomo

Report:Hidenori Sato

Screenshot: iOS "Safari"

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